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2 Chronicles 36

2Ch 36:1

2Ch 36: "This last ch brings to a conclusion the Davidic monarchy, in the dismal environment of ecclesial failure. This is encapsulated in the lives of the kings of Judah following righteous king Josiah. He was the last of the courageous monarchs who endeavoured to bring the nation back from apostasy. Josiah's rule was righteous, but being based on obedience to law, did not reach the 'hearts and reins' of the people. Thus, the opening v of 2Ch 36 epitomises the attitude of the people. 'Then the people of the land took Jehoahaz' (v 1). They acted for their own interests and found Jehoahaz was to commence the final plunge downwards. He was the king of retribution (vv 1-4). He was followed by Jehoiakim, the irreligious egotist (vv 5-8). Jehoiachin was the despised broken idol (vv 9,10). Zedekiah became the vacillating king (vv 11-13). Then the record shows the spiritual decadence of the nation (vv 14-16), the destruction of Jerusalem (vv 17-21). The final section of the ch foreshadows a change by divine decree -- the king of the east who provided for the rebuilding of Jerusalem (vv 22,23). Cyrus stands as a type of Christ, who shall complete the typical work of the past, when he makes Jerusalem the throne of Yahweh, and brings to this earth a recognition of the righteous holiness of Yahweh" (GEM).

2Ch 36:6

NEBUCHADNEZZAR... ATTACKED HIM AND BOUND HIM WITH BRONZE SHACKLES TO TAKE HIM TO BABYLON: But he died before being transported there (Jer 22:18,19; 36:30).

2Ch 36:8

THE DETESTABLE THINGS HE DID AND ALL THAT WAS FOUND AGAINST HIM: Or "upon him" -- ie, some strange tattoos or markings (Tes 34:370).

2Ch 36:9

EIGHTEEN: The KJV has "eight", based on Heb mss, but the NIV follows the LXX and Syriac (see also 2Ki 24:8). Notice that Jehoiachin was old enough to do evil (cp 2Ki 24:9): this accords better with 18 than with 8.

2Ch 36:13

HE... HARDENED HIS HEART: Hard-heartedness is first seen in Pharaoh (Exo 4:21; 7:3,13; 8:15,32; 9:12,34; 10:1,20,27; 11:10; 14:4,8). So when this description is used of anyone in Israel, it is very pointed: 'You are being like the oppressing Egyptians from whom I have delivered you!' Cp Deu 15:7; 2Ch 36:13; Psa 95:8; Isa 63:17; Mark 10:5; 16:14; John 12:40; Rom 2:5.

2Ch 36:17

YOUNG WOMAN: This refers to the "virgins", the young maidens associated with the "sanctuary", or Temple worship. They were consecrated either for life or until marriage to the service of the sanctuary. See Lam 1:14; Rev 14:1-4; 2Sa 13 (Tamar); Jdg 11:37; Luk 2:36; Isa 7:14; Luk 1:5,36; Eze 44:22; Isa 61:10 / Isa 62:5; 1Sa 2:22.

2Ch 36:18

Vv 18,19: The temple being found "leprous", ie Lev 14:45, and thus to be broken down and carried away.

THE ARTICLES FROM THE TEMPLE: Which were used by Belshazzar in his drunken revelries (Dan 5:3).

2Ch 36:21

2Ch 36:21,22.

See Lesson, 70 years captivity.

2Ch 36:22

THE LORD MOVED THE HEART OF CYRUS: "The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases" (Pro 21:1).
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