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2 Chronicles

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2 Chronicles 2

2Ch 2:2

THIRTY-SIX HUNDRED: Or 3,300 (1Ki 5:16).

2Ch 2:3

HIRAM: Gentiles build the temple of God, as in Isa 60:10.

2Ch 2:4

EVERY MORNING: Manna given (Exo 16:21). Fire on the altar (Lev 6:12). Incense offered (Exo 30:7). Praise offered (1Ch 23:30). Service offered (1Ch 9:27). Sacrifice presented (here; 2Ch 13:11). God visits (Job 7:18). God is their arm (Isa 33:2). His compassions new (Lam 3:23). The Philistines present themselves (1Sa 17:16). God silences the wicked (Psa 101:8). Judgment (Zep 3:5). Administer justice (Jer 21:12).

2Ch 2:6

THE HEAVENS, EVEN THE HIGHEST HEAVENS: Or, as AV, "heavens, AND heaven of heavens" -- sig "holy place" and "most holy place".

2Ch 2:11

BECAUSE THE LORD LOVES HIS PEOPLE, HE HAS MADE YOU THEIR KING: What an extraordinary communication from a Gentile king to Solomon. It suggests that Hiram may have been a true and righteous proselyte to the faith of Israel. In his letter, he declares that Solomon was of such a character that his reign would be a special blessing from God to his people. Such was the character of Solomon, in those early days before he "left his first love", that even this Gentile monarch could see that he was bound to he a blessing to the people. How wonderful it would be if our characters were so transparent, so true, and pure, and good, that all who knew us might feel that we were a blessing to those among whom we dwell.

Also, Hiram distinctly recognizes that every blessing comes from God. If Solomon is a blessing to his subjects, Hiram attributes that to the fact of God having placed him where he was. Now, if one who was once an idolater could trace a blessing back to Yahweh as its source, what sort of pseudo-"Christian" must those be who never do anything of the sort, but trace it to what they call "good luck", or to "chance", or to anything rather than to God! We must never forget... whenever there is anything of good, anything of excellence, anything of spiritual profit, that comes to our door, we should praise and bless the God who gave it. We are all too apt to complain of Him when we suffer, and ready enough to attribute our afflictions to Him. Surely, then, when mercies come to us plentifully, we should magnify and glorify the name of the Lord our God from whom they come. We should say of every mercy, just as Hiram wrote to Solomon, "Because the LORD loves His people", He has done this.

2Ch 2:13

HURAM-ABI: Or, "Huram my father". ("Father" may sig "master" or "employer".)

2Ch 2:14

WHOSE MOTHER WAS FROM DAN: By birth a Danite, she married a man of Naphtali, who later died (1Ki 7:14).

DAN: There have been found extensive remains of metal works at Tell Dan, incl copper slag, crucibles, furnace pipes. Perhaps this man came from a tradition of metal workers (BAR 25:5:74).

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