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2 Chronicles 12

2Ch 12:1

2Ch 12: "What ominous words are spoken against Jerusalem: 'they had transgressed against Yahweh' (v 2). Yet the people imagined they were doing the work of God, upholding his temple and honouring the throne of David. But the divine judgment was that both king and people 'forsook the law of Yahweh' (v 1). The power of the reign of David and the glory of that of Solomon had now become the shadow of disaster in the reign of Rehoboam. This gave rise to the assault by Egypt. When the law of Yahweh is ignored, the power of Sin (Egypt) is first experienced. Shishak had given an asylum to Jeroboam when he fled from Solomon (1Ki 11:40). His policy was to weaken Israel, and therefore he now took opportunity to invade the land. The record in 2Ch reveals the play of events: [1] Rehoboam forsakes the law of Yahweh, and is punished: vv 1-4. [2] The rebuke of Shemaiah: vv 5-9. [3] Jerusalem falls to Shishak: vv 9,10. [4] Rehoboam's policy: vv 11-16" (GEM).

2Ch 12:9

The removal by the Egyptians of the wealth and the shields of God from Solomon's temple happened such short a time after Solomon had made all these things. The flesh cannot sustain the kingdom of God on earth -- for that is what Solomon reigned over (1Ch 29:23).

2Ch 12:10

This is surely a step of some spiritual significance. Was this in Jeremiah's mind when he wrote Lam 4:1?

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