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2 Chronicles

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2 Chronicles 11

2Ch 11:16

THOSE FROM EVERY TRIBE OF ISRAEL WHO SET THEIR HEARTS ON SEEKING THE LORD, THE GOD OF ISRAEL, FOLLOWED THE LEVITES TO JERUSALEM: Here people of all twelve tribes act as though they have become part of the tribe of Judah. Throughout the history of the OT, there have been instances when individuals from all the other tribes have migrated to Judah, or been integrated into the tribe of Judah -- so much so that, for practical purposes, the nation of Judah might be said to encompass all twelve tribes. For examples, consider 2Ch 30:5,11; 31:1; 34:9; 35:18; Jer 50:4,5; Ezr 6:17; 8:35; Luk 2:36; Jam 1:1; Acts 26:6,7.

"When Jeroboam became king of Israel and then abandoned the LORD God of Israel by making and worshipping idols, the priests and Levites and everyone who wanted to serve the LORD came to Jerusalem because the LORD was still worshiped there. There was an exodus of all the godly people of Israel to Judah. They strengthened the kingdom of Judah and supported Rehoboam during the time that he walked with God. Thus the people in Judah all strengthened one another in the LORD, but the people in Israel began a rapid downhill slide to their destruction. The lesson for us is to stick together with people of the same faith, so that we can strengthen each other and stay strong for the LORD our God. If we stay in isolation, the attitudes and philosophies of the people around us will rub off on us and we can easily be dragged into their downward spiral. 'Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another -- and all the more as you see the day approaching' (Heb 10:25)" (RP).

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