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2 Chronicles 23

2Ch 23:1

2Ch 23: "Jehoiada gathered his forces for a counter-revolution. It was significantly in the 'seventh year' (v 1), a type of the greater millennium 7th period, in which the forces of Truth will be exercised against the Sin-power. With Jehoiada were 'captains of thousands', and Yahshua the Anointed will similarly gather his great ones, the saints of the covenant, with him. The men of Jehoiada went about to attract others to their policies (v 2), as the Lord has been gathering out of the Gentiles a people for his Name. Priests, Levites and military were used. They were divided into thirds as was normal. Under Jehoiada, the priesthood was raised to an importance it never afterwards lost. Through the priesthood the lineage of David had been saved, and the worship of Yahweh restored. During the minority of Joash, Jehoiada reigned as King-Priest, and was regarded as the second founder of that order (Jer 29:26). The wicked Athaliah was removed from power (2Ch 23:15). Disturbed by the noise Athaliah emerged from the palace to see the Levites and guards in military order. Hastening to the temple she entered the court to be barred by the guard (v 10). The whole scene described in v 13, met her startled gaze, and soon she was removed: as will all those who elevate the power of the flesh for personal gratification and prestige. All opposition being crushed, the people were again called together to enter into a solemn covenant with Yahweh and His viceroy on earth (2Ch 23:16,17), typical of the covenant of immortality to be enjoyed by the people under Christ (cp Joh 3:3-6). Thus the full worship was restored (2Ch 23:18,19). All sacrificial arrangements were ascribed to the Law; all musical and temple appointments to David. Thus Jehoiada restored a Davidic form of worship on the basis of the Law, as it will be under Christ (cp 2Ch 24:17)" (GEM).

2Ch 23:6

// 2Ki 11:6: it was the house of the Lord that was to be guarded. This was the job of the people -- not the priests. Everyone had a responsibility to keep the watch of the house of the Lord. The lessons for ourselves are clear. The action taken here is described in 1Ch 23:28-32.

2Ch 23:11

LONG LIVE THE KING: The KJV has "God save the king", but it should be, more correctly, "Let the king live": 1Sa 10:24; 2Sa 16:16; 2Ki 11:12; 2Ch 23:11.

2Ch 23:17

THEY SMASHED THE ALTARS AND IDOLS AND KILLED MATTAN THE PRIEST OF BAAL IN FRONT OF THE ALTARS: Far from being an overly harsh approach, this was required by the law: "You must certainly put him to death. Your hand must be the first in putting him to death, and then the hands of all the people... you must certainly put to the sword all who live in that town. Destroy it completely, both its people and its livestock" (Deu 13:9,15).

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