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2 Chronicles

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2 Chronicles 34

2Ch 34:3

ASHERAH: See Lesson, Asherah.

2Ch 34:5

HE BURNED THE BONES OF THE PRIESTS ON THEIR ALTARS: This action was predicted by "a man of God out of Judah" in the reign of Jeroboam (1Ki 13:1,2).

2Ch 34:6

THE TOWNS OF MANASSEH, EPHRAIM, AND SIMEON, AS FAR AS NAPHTALI: The cities which Josiah cleansed were outside the boundaries of Judah. He actually extended his cleansing into the territory of Israel -- the people who had already gone into captivity. This might seem rather a waste of effort. However, Josiah knew that the land belonged to God, and that it was polluted by the idols -- even though Israel had been taken away by the Assyrians some time before.

2Ch 34:12

Examples of faithfulness in service: Samuel (1Sa 3:20); David (1Sa 22:14); the temple overseers (2Ki 12:15); the workers (2Ch 34:12); Hananiah (Neh 7:2); Abraham (Neh 9:8); the treasurers (Neh 13:13); Daniel (Dan 6:4); Timothy (1Co 4:17); Epaphras (Col 1:7); Tychicus (Col 4:7); Onesimus (Col 4:9); Paul (1Ti 1:12); Moses (Heb 3:2,5); Gaius (3Jo 1:5); Jesus Christ (Rev 1:5); Antipas (Rev 2:13).

Cp Luk 16:10; 2Ch 31:12.

2Ch 34:19

WHEN THE KING HEARD THE WORDS OF THE LAW, HE TORE HIS ROBES... AND GAVE ORDERS...: He might easily have said, 'How interesting! We should begin a study of this unique historical document!' Or 'Let's form a committee to look into this!' Or 'So what?' But instead, he repents immediately, and then begins to take action!

Josiah's actions contrast sharply with those of his son Jehoiakim, when he heard the word of God (Jer 36:23) only a few years later.

2Ch 34:22

HULDAH: "When she died, she was buried at the entrance to the house of God in Jerusalem. A great multiple gateway was built in the southern wall of the temple, a part of which was called the Huldah Gates Jesus and his apostles must have used it many times during his mortal life" (Mary Eyre, Tid 64:553).

2Ch 34:33

When the Book of the Law was discovered in Josiah's reign, it is likely that he read of the evils which Moses had prophesied would come about if the Jews neglected God. He sent to inquire of God what he might do to avert this judgment. God's answer was that it was too late; the calamities were on the way. However, because Josiah was faithful and God-fearing, they would not come in his day. Thus the first fulfillment of the prophecy of Jeremiah concerning a northern invader, may have been averted because of Josiah and the resurgence in his day of Judah's right worship. (The Scythians passed by Palestine. However, the Babylonians would not.) While he lived Josiah indeed did God's will, so that –- "All his days the children of Israel departed not from following the LORD" (2Ch 34:33). Not only did he cleanse Judah, but he was also instrumental in reducing idolatry in Israel.

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