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2 Chronicles 16

2Ch 16:1

BAASHA: The third king of the separate kingdom of Israel, and founder of its second dynasty (1Ki 15; 16). He was the son of Ahijah of the tribe of Issachar. He made the city of Tirzah the capital of his kingdom, and there he was buried, after an eventful reign of 24 years (1Ki 15:33), On account of his idolatries his family was exterminated, according to the word of the prophet Jehu (1Ki 16:3,4,10-13).

2Ch 16:7

BECAUSE YOU RELIED ON THE KING OF ARAM AND NOT ON THE LORD YOUR GOD...: "Sin like Asa's has been the supreme apostasy of the Church in all her branches and through all her generations: Christ has been denied, not by lack of devotion, but by want of faith. Champions of the faith, reformers and guardians of the temple, like Asa, have been eager to attach to their holy cause the cruel prejudices of ignorance and folly, the greed and vindictiveness of selfish men. They have feared lest these potent forces should be arrayed amongst the enemies of the Church and her Master. It has even been suggested that national Churches and great national vices were so intimately allied that their supporters were content that they should stand or fall together. On the other hand, the advocates of reform have not been slow to appeal to popular jealousy and to aggravate the bitterness of social feuds" (BI).

2Ch 16:9

FOR THE EYES OF THE LORD RANGE THROUGHOUT THE EARTH: This phrase is drawn upon by the prophet Zechariah (Zec 1:10,11; 4:10; 6:7), who relates it to the activity of Yahweh in seeking the welfare of His people.

2Ch 16:12

A DISEASE IN HIS FEET: Apparently, this is a family weakness (cp 2Ch 21:19; 24:25; 26:19; 2Ki 20:7) unto David's seed forever (cp idea, 2Ki 5:27). Was this a result of David's sin (Psa 38:1-12n)?

HE DID NOT SEEK HELP FROM THE LORD, BUT ONLY FROM THE PHYSICIANS: The idea of turning to God rather than to physicians is found elsewhere: Jer 8:22; Mat 9:12; Mark 5:26.

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