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2 Chronicles

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2 Chronicles 20

2Ch 20:1

SOME OF THE MEUNITES: Who were from mount Seir (vv 10,23).

2Ch 20:2

EDOM: The KJV has "Syria", but this is an error.

2Ch 20:7

ABRAHAM YOUR FRIEND: This is the basis for James' description of Abraham in Jam 2:23. The prophet Isaiah (Isa 41:8) appeals to this feature -- spoken of in Jehoshaphat's reign -- as an exhortation to faithfulness.

If we wish to be God's friends we must do His will (John 15:14).

2Ch 20:12

FOR WE HAVE NO POWER: Jehoshaphat discounts his own great army!

2Ch 20:17

STAND FIRM AND SEE: "Stand still and see the salvation of God" (Exo 14:13; 2Ch 20:17). "Stand still and hear God's commandments" (Num 9:8). "Stand still that I may show you the word of God" (1Sa 9:27). "Stand still that I may reason with you" (1Sa 12:7). "Stand still and consider the works of God" (Job 37:14).

"Stand still" does not just denote the need to remain apart from the battle itself, but also the need NOT to run away!

2Ch 20:22

AS THEY BEGAN TO SING AND PRAISE...: "When the Spartans marched into battle, they advanced with cheerful songs, willing to fight; but when the Persians entered the conflict, you could hear, as the regiments came on, the crack of the whip, by which the officers drove the cowards to the fray. What wonder that the Spartans were like lions in the midst of sheep! Were we enthusiastic soldiers of the Cross, through God's help, nothing would be able to stand against us" (CHS).

2Ch 20:26

VALLEY OF BERACAH: Is this the same as the Valley of Jehoshaphat (Joel 3:12)?

2Ch 20:36

Cp Luk 15:15: "So he went and hired himself out to a citizen of that country."

TRADING SHIPS: Heb "ships of Tarshish": See Lesson, Tarshish.

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