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2 Chronicles 24

2Ch 24:1

2Ch 24: A summary of some elements of the life of Jehoash is instructive: (a) 2Ki 12:1,2: Reigned 40 years -- from 7 years old. Was good all the days of Jehoiada the priest. (b) 2Ch 24:3: Jehoiada takes Jehoash two wives. (c) 2Ch 24:15: Jehoiada the priest dies, 130 years old. (d) 2Ch 24:17,18: false worship. (e) 2Ch 24:19-21: God sends prophets, including Jehoiada's son, whom they stoned. Jehoash did not remember the kindness of Jehoiada. (f) 2Ki 12:17,18: Hazael (of Syria) takes Gath and comes against Jerusalem. Jehoash gives riches from temple to Hazael who departs. (g) 2Ch 24:24: Syrians debased Judah because Jehoash forsook the Lord. (h) 2Ch 24:25 Jehoash was diseased and was slain by his servants. He was buried in city of David, but not in the "sepulchres of the kings."

Thus we can see that, when the good influence of Jehoiada ceased. so did Jehoash's goodness.

2Ch 24:16

HE WAS BURIED WITH THE KINGS IN THE CITY OF DAVID: Jehoiada had ruled as king-regent for the young child Joash.

2Ch 24:18

ASHERAH: See Lesson, Asherah.

2Ch 24:20

The Spirit of God: in Daniel (Dan 5:11); in Joseph (Gen 41:38); clothed Gideon (Jdg 6:34); clothed Amasai (1Ch 12:18); clothed Zechariah (2Ch 24:20); came upon Balaam (Num 24:2); came upon Saul (1Sa 10:10).

2Ch 24:21

The son of Jehoiada was unjustly killed in a cruel way by the jealousy of mankind, just like the Son of God was to be. It is amazing how quickly such a turnaround is possible from good to evil. We need to heed this truth about the nature we all bear and beware.

2Ch 24:25

BUT NOT IN THE TOMBS OF THE KINGS: Ct the resting place of Jehoiada the High Priest (v 16).

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