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2 Chronicles

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2 Chronicles 9

2Ch 9:10

OPHIR: See Lesson, Ophir.

2Ch 9:13

666: The number of man (Babylon) in Rev 13:18. Solomon's kingdom likened to Babylon:

Solomon's kingdom
1Ki 10:14
Rev 13:17,18
1Ki 10:23
Rev 18:11,12,15
1Ki 11:1,2
Rev 17:1,2
1Ki 10:22
Rev 18:17,19
1Ki 10:23
Rev 18:3,17
1Ki 10:11,21,22
Rev 18:12
1Ki 10:10,25
Rev 18:3
1Ki 10:23
Rev 18:3,9
1Ki 10:28
Rev 18:12
1Ki 9:22
Rev 18:13
1Ki 11:1,5 (Solomon influenced by Zidonian idolatry)
Rev 2:20 (cp 1Ki 16:31)

2Ch 9:21

See Lesson, Tarshish.

2Ch 9:23

Cp Zec 14:16: the Gentiles come to worship God in Jerusalem.

2Ch 9:24

Tribute brought by Gentiles, in Christ's kingdom: Isa 60:11.

2Ch 9:26

FROM THE RIVER (THE EUPHRATES)... AS FAR AS THE BORDER OF EGYPT: "A blessing in the midst of the land" (Isa 19:25), ie between Assyria and Egypt.

2Ch 9:31

"In later years his soul had been sullied, his faith had grown dim, his fervor cold. All was emptiness. He stood horribly alone. His one son was not a wise man, but a fool. Gewgaws could no longer satisfy him. His wealth exhausted, his fame tarnished, his dominions reduced to insignificance, himself insulted by contemptible adversaries whom he could neither control nor punish, he entered on the long course of years... The peaceful is harried by petty raids; the magnificent is laden with debts; the builder of the Temple has sanctioned polytheism; the favorite of the nation has become a tyrant, scourging with whips an impatient people; the 'darling of the Lord' has built shrines for Moloch and Astarte. The glamour of youth, of empire, of gorgeous tyranny was dispelled, and the splendid boy-king is the weary and lonely old man. Hiram of Tyre has turned in disgust from an ungenerous recompense. A new Pharaoh has dispossessed his Egyptian father-in-law and shelters his rebel servant. His shameful harem has given him neither a real home nor a true love; his commerce has proved to be an expensive failure; his political alliances a hollow sham. In another and direr sense than after his youthful vision, 'Solomon awoke, and behold it was a dream' (1Ki 3:15)" (EB).

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