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2 Chronicles

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2 Chronicles 25

2Ch 25:4

FATHERS SHALL NOT BE PUT TO DEATH FOR THEIR CHILDREN, NOR CHILDREN PUT TO DEATH FOR THEIR FATHERS; EACH IS TO DIE FOR HIS OWN SINS: Cit Deu 24:16: We are all responsible for our own actions. This is a recurring theme in Scripture. However, we like to blame someone else for our errors.

2Ch 25:6

A HUNDRED TALENTS OF SILVER: This looks like a very low rate of pay per soldier. Maybe they had also been promised the chance to plunder the enemy if they won the battle.

2Ch 25:9

AMAZIAH ASKED THE MAN OF GOD, "BUT WHAT ABOUT THE HUNDRED TALENTS I PAID FOR THESE ISRAELITE TROOPS?" THE MAN OF GOD REPLIED, "THE LORD CAN GIVE YOU MUCH MORE THAN THAT": "A very important question this seemed to be to the king of Judah, and possibly it is of even more weight with the tried and tempted Christian. To lose money is at no times pleasant, and when principle involves it, the flesh is not always ready to make the sacrifice. 'Why lose that which may be so usefully employed? What shall we do without it? Remember the children, and our small income!' All these things and a thousand more would tempt the Christian to put forth his hand to unrighteous gain, or stay himself from carrying out his conscientious convictions, when they involve serious loss. All men cannot view these matters in the light of faith; and even with the followers of Jesus, the doctrine of 'we must live' has quite sufficient weight.

" 'The Lord is able to give thee much more than this' is a very satisfactory answer to the anxious question. Our Father holds the purse-strings, and what we lose for His sake He can repay a thousand-fold. It is ours to obey His will, and we may rest assured that He will provide for us. The Lord will be no man's debtor at the last. Saints know that a grain of heart's-ease is of more value than a ton of gold. He who wraps a threadbare coat about a good conscience has gained a spiritual wealth far more desirable than any he has lost. Let the worst come to the worst, let all the talents go, we have not lost our treasure, for that is above, where Christ sitteth at the right hand of God. Meanwhile, even now, the Lord maketh the meek to inherit the earth, and no good thing doth He withhold from them that walk uprightly" (CHS).

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