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"Paul was reasoning in the market place every day with those who happened to be present." (Acts 17:17)


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Bible Editorials

Table Of Contents

Advice for speakers and writers
April 15, the parable of
Are we in the last 3 1/2 years?
"As the days of a tree..."
Bible is the story of..., the
Bread and wine
Church and ecclesia
Church of the cross!
Creation and "creation"
Daily bread
Definitions and confusion
Different? or the same?
Don't kill the messenger!
Eight-cow wife
Eutychus (Acts 20:9)
Explaining God
Faith OR works? OR Faith AND works?
Favorite authors
Finding the answers
Focusing too much on one passage
Fourth of July revisited
Genesis 2:18
Harold of the Coming Age
Hoary head, the
How God acts in our lives
How to stay safe
How to tell a woman she's wrong
In the arena
Jesus and the serpent
Job: the imperfect "perfect" man!
Laughter, a son called
Loving his appearing
Names and titles
Name's sake, or "namesake"?
News flash: IC gets wiser...
Now listen, you rich people
One God, or the other?
One way or the other
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem
RR, "Providence", Gary Burns, and the "why" of suffering
Rules how to write good
Satan Who?
Setting dates
Sorrow not as others
Talking about the promises
THE Truth
"THIS version of the facts!"
Tolerance, intolerance, and in between
Too easy or too harsh?
Were the Canaanites SO BAD?
What is real?
When to keep your mouth shut
Where did God come from?
Which viewpoint is right?
Who would you vote for? (Part 1)
Who would YOU vote for? (Part 2)
Why the delay?