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Different? or the same?

What are our ambitions, our goals in life? What are our attitudes toward work and leisure and money? Are they different than the world, or are they all too similar? What sets us apart from the masses around us who have no true hope? Is it enough that we believe differently without living differently?

I have a recurring "nightmare" that goes like this: in the counsels of heaven a new angel is assigned to my case, but in route he somehow loses my address. He checks the telephone directory only to find five fellows with the same name. So he thinks to himself, "I won't bother going back to headquarters, because it'll be no trouble finding the right George Booker. I'll just watch all five of these fellows for a day or so, and I'll be able to spot the 'Christadelphian' right away."

But it is not that easy That day, and the next, the "real" George Booker does nothing to distinguish himself from the others. He kicks the dog, yells at the wife, and skips the mid-week Bible class, and even neglects his Bible readings and his prayers.

The poor bewildered angel has to wait ALL WEEK, until Sunday morning, when two George Bookers sleep in, one mows the lawn, another goes to early mass with his golf clubs in the back seat, and -- finally! -- the fifth one heads for the ecclesial hall. "Aha! There's the right one!"

But just suppose I hadn't even bothered to go to meeting that week. Would my guardian angel have EVER found me?

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