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Favorite authors

"I have to say my three favorite Christadelphian authors are Robert Roberts, Islip Collyer and 'George the Bookie'..."


What a coincidence, Rachel! You have named two of MY three favorites! My list of three would be: Robert Roberts, Islip Collyer, and Harry Whittaker.

RR had the great facility of making himself clear, while expressing himself powerfully, and his exhortations are dignified and filled with the most profound insights; he sees God at work everywhere and in every way ("Ways of Providence"; "Visible Hand of God"!). And you have to admire a brother who, as a boy of 14, drew up his own Bible reading plan and followed it scrupulously, and then proceeded to share it with thousands of people!

IC sees the big picture, deals with practical day-to-day life, and tells good stories. He is calm, balanced, and kindly. He manages to make his ideas plain, and to show right and wrong as he sees it -- without attacking or disparaging anyone. I would have loved to sit and talk with him, and his books are the next best thing. ("Convictions and Conduct"; "Principles and Proverbs"!)

HAW is fun, and challenging, and a little exasperating, but altogether an "adventure" (as he was in person). He's the professor who cares fanatically about his subject: he's always asking the tough questions, and pushing you to think for yourself, and "work it out". He won't let you take the easy way. Reading him made me want to study the Bible, REALLY study it, and make it MY book, and not just THE book! ("Exploring the Bible", "Enjoying the Bible", "Gospels"!)

I have, of course, read everything the Bookie fellow wrote, but then I had to... he practically begs me to proofread it! And I do agree with a lot of it. Sometimes he challenges me too, with things I haven't thought about before -- which I think is a good thing generally (although we can perhaps have too much of that sometimes). But I can always accept or reject what he writes, after putting it alongside the Bible.

But -- just between you and me -- the proofreading is a tough job: he gets so perturbed when I try to correct his mistakes!


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