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Satan Who?

From a news report:

"So Mrs Risher, the mayor in this town of 1,400 residents for as long as many people can remember, sent him on down the road. She has made international news by banning Satan, by mayoral proclamation, from the Inglis city limits."
So that means that every citizen of Inglis City, FL is breaking the law by continuing to live there?


This reminds me of Mark Twain, who once said that the individual that he would most like to meet was Satan. Why? "Because anyone who can hold total and absolute control over 90% of the world's population, and a good bit of control over the other 10%, must be by far the most powerful person in the universe!"

And then there was Calvin, of comic page fame, who asked his favorite friend and stuffed animal Hobbes, "Do you believe in a supernatural devil -- you know, the fellow who's responsible for all the evil in the world?" To which Hobbes thoughtfully replies, "I don't think man needs any help!" Calvin walks off, harrumphing to himself, "There are some things you just can't talk to animals about!"

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