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Church of the cross!

Michael McAllister, late of Aussie-land but now transplanted in the fertile fields of Texas, sent around to some of us a picture of an actual church sign.

The actual name of the church was "The Church of the Cross"...

Which raises a question right there: Where do the calm and the congenial and the relaxed and the happy go to church... while all their "cross" relatives and friends go there? Do they have a separate evening service for the friendly and happy folks?

Then there's the message underneath: "Don't let worry kill you; let the church help."

Well, if all the folks who go to that church are "cross", then I can see how that would work!

Reminds me of the Christadelphian who told his friend, "We Christadelphians go to meeting every Sunday, where we take bread and wine."

Problem was, "wine" sounded like "whine" (must have been an Aussie accent!)... which provoked his friend to ask, "So if they all want to whine, why don't they just stay home?"

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