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Harold of the Coming Age

Some years ago in Houston, we had a weekly radio broadcast; it was called "Herald of the Coming Age" (name borrowed, I suppose, from the Logos booklets on first principles). Brother Troy Haltom did a lot of work on the broadcast and follow-up. Once he showed me a postcard asking for a booklet on a particular subject covered in a broadcast. The postcard was addressed to...

"HAROLD of the Coming Age".
I still don't know if that particular writer thought that Troy was actually a time-traveler named "Harold", who had come back to tell us all about the "age to come"!

But nevertheless, I cautioned brother Troy about inspiring the worship of angels (or "demigods"?)!

And for a while thereafter, I addressed him as "brother Troy of the Coming Age".

Which suggests, I think, an exhortation of sorts: we all can, and should, live in the "coming age", to some extent and with some understood limitations. We are... "the children of the Kingdom"; our "citizenship" is in heaven, from whence we look for the Saviour to appear. And -- although we all now dwell in mortal bodies, bodies that will surely perish if enough time passes, we are still -- Scripturally understood -- partakers of "eternal life"! And -- Rom 8:3 -- right now, there is NO condemnation upon us if we love God and follow His commandments.

In other words, it is possible to be physically alive and spiritually "dead"... OR to be physically "dying" and spiritually "alive" in Christ.

So the question is: where DO we live? In this age, or in the age to come?

George of the Coming Age

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