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Abbreviations used in the Agora

The following abbreviations are used in the Articles and Lessons, the Bible books, the Bible commentary, the Daily exhortations, and the Editorials.
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parallel passages
1Ch 1 Chronicles
1Co 1 Corinthians
1Jo 1 John
1Ki 1 Kings
1Ma 1 Maccabees (Apocrypha)
1Pe 1 Peter
1Sa 1 Samuel
1Th 1 Thessalonians
1Ti 1 Timothy
13L "Thirteen Lectures on the Apocalypse", by Robert Roberts
2Bab "The Two Babylons", by Alexander Hislop
2Ch 2 Chronicles
2Co 2 Corinthians
2Jo 2 John
2Ki 2 Kings
2Ma 2 Maccabees (Apocrypha)
2Pe 2 Peter
2Sa 2 Samuel
2Th 2 Thessalonians
2Ti 2 Timothy
3Jo 3 John

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Anchor Bible Dictionary
Abr Abraham or Abram
Act or Acts Acts of the Apostles
AD "Anno Domini", years after birth of Christ, Common Era
ADI "Accuracy Defined and Illustrated: An NIV Translator Answers Your Questions", by Kenneth Barker
Adv Christadelphian Advocate Magazine
ADN Alfred Norris
AE Alan Eyre
AEx "The Exiles Return", by Michael Ashton
AEz "Ezekiel 1-39", by John Allfree
AG Arthur Gibson
agst against
AH Alan Hayward
AHN Alfred Nicholls
alt alternate or alternative
altho although
Amo Amos
Anas "Anastasis: a Treatise on Resurrection", by John Thomas
ANC "A New Creation", by George Booker
ANE ancient Near East
ANF "Anti-Nicene Fathers", by Philip Schaff
Ant "Antiquities of the Jews", by Josephus
AO Anthony Oosthuizen
ApEp "Apocalypse Epitomised", by HP Mansfield
Apoc Acocalypse, or the Revelation of John
Appl "An Appeal to Christadelphians", by Islip Collyer
approx approximate
Aram Aramaic
Arch Expl "Archaeology Explains the Bible", by W.H. Boulton
art article, as in "a" or "the"
ARV American Revised Version
ASF Apostolic Statement of Faith, referred to in "What Are the First Principles?", by George Booker
ASV American Standard Version
ATJ A.T. Jannaway
AV Authorized Version (King James Version)
AWT Aiden Wilson Tozer

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"The Geography of the Bible", by Denis Baly
BAR Biblical Archaeology Review
Barnes "Notes on the New Testament", by Albert Barnes
BASF Birmingham Amended Statement of Faith
BB "Bible Basics", by Duncan Heaster
BBB "Beyond Bible Basics", by Duncan Heaster
BBE Bible in Basic English
BBk Barbara Booker
BC Before Christ, or before Common Era
BCol "Colossians", by T.J. Barling
BDAG "A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and other Early Christian Literature", by Bauer, Danker, Arndt, and Gingrich
BDB "A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament", by F. Brown, S.R. Driver, and C.A. Briggs
becs because
Ber Berean Christadelphian Magazine
betw between
BEz "Ezekiel", by W.H. Boulton
BF "Biblical Fellowship", by George Booker
bgng beginning
BI "Biblical Illustrator", published by Joseph Exell
BibSac Bibliotheca Sacra
BIC "Brethren in Christ", by Alan Eyre
BL "Minute Meditations", by Bob Lloyd (same as MM)
BLG "Law and Grace", by W.F. Barling
BM Bible Missionary Magazine
BOC "The Blood of the Covenant", by John James Andrew
BPh "Philippians", by T.J. Barling
BRus Beverly Russell
bre brethren
bro brother
BS Bible Student Magazine
BSF Birmingham Statement of Faith
BSp "The Bible and the Spade" periodical
BtB "Balancing the Book", by Len Richardson
BThes "Waiting for His Son (1,2 Thessalonians)", by George Booker
BTW "By the Way", by George Booker
BUSF Birmingham Unamended Statement of Faith

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circa, approximately
CAL Charles A. Ladson
Calvin John Calvin, Commentaries on the Bible
CBTEL "Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature", by McClintock and Strong
CCW Charles Curwen Walker
CCWJ "The Ministry of Jeremiah", by C.C. Walker
CEph "Letter to the Ephesians", by John Carter
cf confer
CGal "Letter to the Galatians", by John Carter
ch chapter
CH Charles Hodge, or Continuous-historic method of prophetic interpretation
C&H "The Life and Epistles of St Paul", by W.J. Conybeare and J.S. Howson
Chdn Christadelphian, or The Christadelphian (magazine)
CHeb "Letter to the Hebrews", by John Carter
CHJ C.H. Jannaway
CHM "Notes on the Pentateuch", by C.H. Mackintosh
CHS Charles Haddon Spurgeon, "Morning and Evening", and other devotional writings
cit cited, or quoted, in or from
CJo or CJohn "Gospel of John", by John Carter
CKi "The Kings of Israel and Judah", by J.A. Cowie
Clarke "Commentary on the Whole Bible", by Adam Clarke
Cleveland "Cleveland Bible Commentary", by Syndey M. Cleveland
CM "Think on These Things", by Catherine Morgan
CMPA Christadelphian Magazine Publishing Association
CNN Cable News Network
Coffman "Commentary on the New Testament", by James B. Coffman
Col Colossians
Com App Companion Bible Appendix
Comp Companion Bible
conc concerning
ConCon "Convictions and Conduct", by Islip Collyer
Const "Expository Notes", by Thomas Constable
covt covenant
cp compare
CP Caribbean Pioneer Magazine
CPro "Proverbs" (3 volumes), by Alec Crawford
CPv "Daily Meditations", by Cynthia Paiva
CR Charles Runge
CRom "Letter to the Romans", by John Carter
CS Clyde Snobelen
CSL Clive Staples Lewis
ct contrast
CT "Psalms", or other writings, by Cyril Tennant
CY Cliff York

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Darby "A Literal Translation of the Old Testament and the New Testament", by John Nelson Darby
Dawn Dawn Christadelphian Magazine
DB Dean Brown
def definite
Deff Robert B. Deffingbaugh, "Biblical Studies"
Deu or Deut Deuteronomy
DevRam Dev Ramcharan
DFRE "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", by Edward Gibbon.
DG Dennis Gillett
DGD "The Devil: the Great Deceiver", by Peter Watkins
DH Duncan Heaster, or Documentary Hypothesis
Diag Emphatic Diaglott (NT), by Benjamin Wilson
DS Donald Styles
DSS Dead Sea Scrolls

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Expositor's Bible, edited by William Robertson Nicoll
EBC Expositor's Bible Commentary
EBCn Expositor's Bible Commentary notes
EBD Easton's Bible Dictionary
Ecc or Eccl Ecclesiastes
Eccl "Ecclesiastes and Other Studies", by L.G. Sargent
ed editor
Eder Alfred Edersheim
eg for example
EJ Emmaus Journal
Ellicott Ellicott's Commentary on the Whole Bible
EMS Ted Spongberg
Elp "Elpis Israel", by John Thomas
Engl English
Eph Ephesians
esp especially
Est Esther
etc "and so forth"
ETRL "The Empty Tomb and the Risen Lord", by C.C. Dobson
Eur "Eureka: an Exposition of the Apocalypse" (3 volumes), by John Thomas
Eus Eusebius
exh exhortation
Exo Exodus
Expos "Christadelphian Expositor", by H.P. Mansfield
Eze or Ezek Ezekiel
Ezr Ezra

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verses, or pages, following
FCE "First Century Ecclesia", by J.B. Norris
fem feminine
ff to the end of the section or chapter
FGJ Frank Jannaway
fig figurative or figuratively
FLD "The Faith in the Last Days", by John Thomas
FLET "A Fresh Look at Ezekiel's Temple", by Harry Whittaker
FP Fred Pearce
FSC "Further Seasons of Comfort", by Robert Roberts
FSDS "For the Study and Defense of the Scriptures", by Edward Whittaker
ft foot, or feet
FWT "Meditations" and other exhortations, by F.W. Turner

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George A. Gibson, exhortational notes from various sources
Gal Galatians
gal gallon, gallons
GB George Booker
GbS "Guided by the Star", by C.A. Ladson
GCM G. Campbell Morgan
GD "The Genius of Discipleship", by Dennis Gillett
GEM Grahame Mansfield
Gen Genesis
Gill "An Exposition of the Old and New Testament", by John Gill
GL "The Guiding Light", by Islip Collyer
GLT Literal Translation of the Holy Bible, by Jay P. Green Sr
GN "Gospel News" magazine
govt government
Gr Greek word
GT "God's Truth", by Alan Hayward
GTJ Grace Theological Journal
GVG Gilbert V. Growcott, exhortational notes from various sources, incl "Search Me, O God"
GW "God's Way", by John Carter
GWC "Godliness with Contentment (1Ti)", by Troy Haltom and George Booker

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Hag Haggai
HAL "Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament", by Ludwig Koehler and Walter Baumgartner
Halley Halley's Bible Handbook
HAT Harry A. Tennant
HAW Harry A. Whittaker
HBND "Bible Names Dictionary", by Roswell Hitchcock
Heb Hebrew word, or the Letter to the Hebrews
Henry "An Exposition of the Old and New Testament", by Matthew Henry
Herald "The Herald of the Kingdom", by John Thomas
Hez, or Hezek Hezekiah
HiPr High Priest
HistGeo "Historical Geography of the Holy Land", by G.A. Smith
Hos Hosea
HPM H.P. Mansfield
HSp Holy Spirit
HSul Henry Sulley
HVM "In the Steps of the Master", by H.V. Morton

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Imperial Bible Dictionary
IC Islip Collyer
ie "as in", or "for example"
IMF International Monetary Fund
immed immediate, immediately
impl imply, implying, etc
incl including
indef indefinite
Isa Isaiah
ISBE International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
ISV International Standard Version (NT)

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J.A. Beet, "Commentaries of Paul's Epistles"
JABP "Jews, Arabs, and Bible Prophecy", by Harry Whittaker
JAF "Acts", by J.A. Findlay
Jam James
JB Jerusalem Bible, or Jonathan Burke
JBP New Testament in Modern English, by J. B. Phillips
JC John Carter
JCA Journal of Christian Apologetics
Jdg Judges
Jer Jeremiah
JETS Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
JFB "A Commentary, Critical and Explanatory, on the Old and New Testaments", by Robert Jamieson, A.R. Fausset, and David Brown.
JJA John James Andrew
JL John Launchbury
JM John Marshall
JMn John Martin
Joe Joel
Joh John
Johnson "Commentary on John", by B.W. Johnson
Jon Jonah
Jos or Josh Joshua
JP Jonathan Pogson
JPS Jewish Publication Society translation of Old Testament
JSB "Explore the Book", and other works, by J. Sidlow Baxter
JT John Thomas
Jud Jude
JW Joshua Wallace
JWs Jehovah's Witnesses
JWT "Titles of the Psalms" and "Old Testament Problems", by J.W. Thirtle

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Ken Chalmers
KD "Commentary on the Old Testament", by C.F. Keil and Franz Delitzsch
kdom kingdom
Kitto John Kitto
KJ21 21st Century King James Version
KJV King James Version
km kilometers
KT "Thought for the Week", by Kyle Tucker

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Lamentations, or "Lamentations", by George Booker and Troy Haltom
LB "The Land and the Book", by W.M. Thomson
LD Last days, as in "last days prophecy"; "The Last Days", by Harry Whittaker; or "The Last Days", by Duncan Heaster
LEH "A Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint", edited by J. Lust, E. Eynikel, and K. Hauspie
Lev Leviticus
LGS L.G. Sargent
lit literal, or literally
LM The Law of Moses in general, or "The Law of Moses", by Robert Roberts
Log Logos Magazine
LPh "Philippians", by Jim Luke
LR Len Richardson
LRom "Romans 9-11", by Brian Luke
LS Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon of Classical Greek
LTJM "Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah" (2 volumes), by Alfred Edersheim
Luk Luke
LXX The Septuagint (the Old Testament translated into Greek)

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Michael Ashton
MacL Alexander MacLaren
Mal Malachi
Mar Mark
Mark "The Gospel of the Son of God", by L.G. Sargent
masc masculine
Mat or Matt Matthew
McG "Commentaries and Topical Studies", by J. W. McGarvey
M&D "Marriage and Divorce", by John Carter
mg margin, or marginal (alternate) rendering
mi mile, or miles
Mic Micah
ML Martin Luther
MM "Minute Meditations", by Bob Lloyd (same as BL)
MMc Michael McAllister
MMS "Moses My Servant", by Harry Tennant
MNIV "The NIV: the Making of a Contemporary Translation", by Kenneth L. Barker
MNT New Testament in Modern English, by Helen B. Montgomery
MP "A Life of Jesus", by Melva Purkis
MPS "The Portrait of the Saint", by John Marshall
MRev "Apocalypse Epitomised", by H.P. Mansfield
ms, mss manuscript, manuscripts
MSJ Master's Seminary Journal
MsTx Masoretic Text
MT Masoretic Text, or "Thought for the Day", by Maritta Terrell
MTJ Michigan Theological Journal
MV Mark Vincent

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n (after Bible reference)
note, or comment, attached to a particular verse
NActs "Acts of the Apostles", by Alfred Norris
NASB New American Standard Bible
Nah Nahum
ne northeast
NEB New English Bible
Neb Nebuchadnezzar
Neh Nehemiah
NET New English Translation
NETn New English Translation notes
NF Norm Fadelle
NIBC New International Biblical Commentary
NIDNTT New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology
NIDOTTE New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis
NIV New International Version
NL "The New Life", by John Marshall
NMark or NMk "Gospel of Mark", by Alfred Norris
NPH N.P. Holt, devotional writings in The Testimony Magazine
NPNF "Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers", by Philip Schaff
NPW "Preaching the Word", by Alfred Norris
NR "Nazareth Revisited", by Robert Roberts
NRB "On Reading the Bible", by Alfred Norris
NRev "Apocalypse for Everyman", by Alfred Norris
NRSV New Revised Standard Version
nsw not the same word as... (in original Hebrew or Greek)
NSp "The Spirit of God", by Alfred Nicholls
NT New Testament
NUB "Understanding the Bible", by Alfred Norris
Num Numbers
nw northwest
NZ Norm Zilmer

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Oba or Obad
offr offering
OLD Oscar L. Dunaway
OP Old Paths Christadelphian Magazine
Orac "The Oracles of God", by John Carter
orig original, or originally
OT Old Testament
OTH "Old Testament History" (7 volumes), by Alfred Edersheim
Owen John Owen

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"Prophets After the Exile", by John Carter
PC Peter Cresswell
perh perhaps
PF Peter Forbes
Phan "Phanerosis", by John Thomas
PHZ "From Hosea to Zephaniah", by Fred Pearce
Phi or Phil Philippians
Phm Philemon
Pink Arthur W. Pink
PLO Palestine Liberation Organization
PM "Parables of the Messiah", by John Carter
PNT "People's New Testament Commentary", by B. W. Johnson
Poole "Annotations upon the Holy Bible", by Matthew Poole
poss possible or possibly
Pro Proverbs
prob probable or probably
Prot "The Protestors", by Alan Eyre
Prov Proverbs
PrPr "Principles and Proverbs", by Islip Collyer
ps psalm
Psa Psalm
pss psalms
Pss the whole book of Psalms
PSS "Psalms Studies" (2 volumes), by George Booker
PTRC "St. Paul the Traveler and Roman Citizen", by W.M. Ramsay
Pulpit "The Pulpit Commentary", by H.D.M. Spence and Joseph S. Excell

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r (after Bible reference)
list of cross-references attached to comments on that verse
RA Ron Abel
RDO "Remember the Days of Old", by Alfred Nicholls
re regarding
recv receive, receiving
ref reference, or refers to
repr represents, or representing
resur resurrection
Rev Revelation
RIC "Redemption in Christ", by W.F. Barling
Rom Romans
Roth The Emphasized Bible, by J.B. Rotherham
RP Robert Prins
RR Robert Roberts
RS Ray C. Stedman
RSV Revised Standard Version
rt root word
Rth Ruth
RV Revised Version (English)
RWP "Word Pictures in the New Testament", by A.T. Robertson

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should be
SB "The Story of the Bible", by H.P. Mansfield
SBD Smith's Bible Dictionary
SC "Seasons of Comfort", by Robert Roberts
SCDHL "A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life", by William Law
Schf "History of the Christian Church", by Philip Schaff
Scott "Holy Bible, with Explanatory Notes", by Thomas Scott
SCx Steven Cox
se southeast
Sennach Sennacherib
SG Stephen Green
Sh Australian Christadelphian Shield Magazine
sig signifies or signifying
sim similar
SJam "The Epistle of James", by Neville Smart
SMark or SMk "The Gospel of the Son of God", by L.G. Sargent
Song Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon
SP Stephen Palmer
Spk "Speaker's Commentary on the Bible"
SS Stephen Snobelen
SSD "Samuel, Saul, and David", by Harry Whittaker
st, sts saint, saints
Stalker "The Life of Jesus Christ", by James M. Stalker
STD Sexually transmitted disease
Str Scr "Strange Scriptures that Perplex the Western Mind", by Barbara M. Bowen
Strong Strong's Analytical Concordance of the Bible
sw same word as... (in original Hebrew or Greek); or southwest
sym symbolic or symbolizes or symbolizing
Syr Syriac Version of the Old Testament

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Tony Benson
TCN Trevor Nicholls
TCNT Twentieth Century New Testament
Temple "The Temple: Its Ministry and Services", by Alfred Edersheim
Tes Testimony Magazine
TGal "Galatians", by Cyril Tennant
Thayer Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon
Theo "Theophany", by C.C. Walker
tho though
THos "Hosea", by Cyril Tennant
Tid Christadelphian Tidings Magazine
Tit Titus
TJ Trinity Journal
TM "The Teaching of the Master", by L.G. Sargent
TMD "The Man David", by Harry Tennant
TN Trevor Nicholls
TNL "The New Life", by John Marshall
TofE "The Time of the End", by Harry Whittaker
TR Textus Receptus
Trial "The Trial: Did Christ Rise from the Dead?", by Robert Roberts
TUACIB "To Us a Child is Born", by George Booker (same as UUACIB)
TW Thomas Williams
TY Timothy Young
typ type, or typical, or typifies

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United Arab Emirates
UJos "Joshua: His Life and Times", by John Ullman
UN United Nations
USA United States of America
USC "Undesigned Scriptural Coincidences", by J.J. Blunt
USNWR US News and World Report
UUACIB "Unto Us a Child is Born", by George Booker (same as TUACIB).
v, vv verse, verses
VH "The Visible Hand of God", by Robert Roberts
Vine Vine's Dictionary of the New Testament
Vincent "Word Studies in the New Testament", by Marvin Vincent
VL Verse List, or Lesson

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"5 Minutes to 12", by Harry Whittaker
WAbr "Abraham: Father of the Faithful", by Harry Whittaker
WAc "Studies in the Acts of the Apostles", by Harry Whittaker
WATFP "What are the First Principles?", by George Booker
WB Wesley Booker
WBC Word Biblical Commentary
WBD Westminster Bible Dictionary
WBS "Bible Studies", by Harry Whittaker
wd, wds word, words
WDan "Daniel", by Harry Whittaker
WEB World English Bible
WEnj "Enjoying the Bible", by Harry Whittaker
Wesley "Notes on the Old and New Testaments", by John Wesley
WExp "Exploring the Bible", by Harry Whittaker
WExpAp "Exploring the Apocalypse", by Peter Watkins
Weym New Testament in Modern Speech, by Richard F. Weymouth
WFB "Letters to Corinth", by W.F. Barling
WGen "Genesis 1-4", by Harry Whittaker
WGHS "Gifts of the Holy Spirit", by Harry Whittaker
WGos "Studies in the Gospels", by Harry Whittaker
WHB W.H. Boulton
WHez "Hezekiah the Great", by Harry Whittaker
WHGT "Genesis", by W.H. Griffith Thomas
wi with
WIH "Where It Happened", by Islip Collyer
WIHN "What is His Name?", by Alfred Norris
WIsa "Isaiah", by Harry Whittaker
WJ or WJac "Wrestling Jacob", by Harry Whittaker
WJer "Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy" (Jeremiah), by Harry Whittaker
WJoel "Joel", by Harry Whittaker
WJon "Jonah", by Harry Whittaker
WJos "Joseph", by Harry Whittaker
WJR "Judges and Ruth", by Harry Whittaker
WJW W.J. White
WK William A. Kay, Commentaries on Psalms and Isaiah
WMS "Who Moved the Stone?", by Frank Morison
WP "The Ways of Providence", by Robert Roberts
WPet "The Epistles of Peter", by Harry Whittaker
WPsr "Passover", by Harry Whittaker
WR "The World's Redemption", by Thomas Williams
WRev "Revelation: A Biblical Approach", by Harry Whittaker
WRI "Risen Indeed", by Harry Whittaker
WS "Wrested Scriptures", by Ron Abel
WSh William Shakespeare
WSSE "Seven Short Epistles", by Harry Whittaker
WTJ Westminster Theological Journal
WTO World Trade Organization
Wuest "Word Studies in the New Testament", by Kenneth Wuest
WW Will Watkins
WWS "Word Studies", by Harry Whittaker
WyC Wycliffe Bible Commentary
WyE Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia

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Xd, Xdn
Christadelphian Magazine
XdmAst "Christendom Astray", by Robert Roberts
Xmas Christmas
Xt Christ
Xtn Christian
YCC "Concise Commentary on the Holy Bible", by Robert Young
YLT Young's Literal Translation, by Robert Young
Young Young's Analytical Concordance of the Bible
YSL "Ye Servants of the Lord", by Harry Tennant
Zec or Zech Zechariah
Zep or Zeph Zephaniah

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