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"Paul was reasoning in the market place every day with those who happened to be present." (Acts 17:17)


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The Bible Companion (with special Proverbs reading added)

"Salvation depends upon the assimilation of the mind to the divine ideas, principles, and affections exhibited in the Scriptures. This process commences with a belief of the gospel, but is by no means completed thereby; it takes a lifetime for its scope, and untiring diligence for its accomplishment. The mind is naturally alien from God and all His ideas (Rom 8:7; 1Co 2:14), and cannot be brought at once to the Divine likeness. This is a work of slow development, and can only be achieved by the industrious application of the individual to the means which God has given for this purpose, viz, the expression of His mind in the Scriptures of Truth; Spiritual-mindedness, or the state of mind in accordance with the mind of the Spirit as displayed in these writings can only grow within a man by daily intercourse with that mind, there unfolded"
(Robert Roberts).
Daily Bible readings, based on the "Bible Companion", compiled by RR -- with an added reading (a brief reading from Proverbs each day):

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First reading
Second reading
Third reading
1Gen 1, 2Psa 1, 2Mat 1, 21:1-6Comments
2Gen 3, 4Psa 3-5Mat 3, 41:7-9Comments
3Gen 5, 6Psa 6-8Mat 51:10-19Comments
4Gen 7, 8Psa 9, 10Mat 61:20-23Comments
5Gen 9, 10Psa 11-13Mat 71:24-28Comments
6Gen 11, 12Psa 14-16Mat 81:29-33Comments
7Gen 13, 14Psa 17Mat 92:1-5Comments
8Gen 15, 16Psa 18Mat 102:6-15Comments
9Gen 17, 18Psa 19-21Mat 112:16-22Comments
10Gen 19Psa 22Mat 123:1-6Comments
11Gen 20, 21Psa 23-25Mat 133:7,8Comments
12Gen 22, 23Psa 26-28Mat 143:9,10Comments
13Gen 24Psa 29, 30Mat 153:11,12Comments
14Gen 25, 26Psa 31Mat 163:13-15Comments
15Gen 27Psa 32Mat 173:16-18Comments
16Gen 28, 29Psa 33Mat 183:19,20Comments
17Gen 30Psa 34Mat 193:21-26Comments
18Gen 31Psa 35Mat 203:27-32Comments
19Gen 32, 33Psa 36Mat 213:33-35Comments
20Gen 34, 35Psa 37Mat 224:1-6Comments
21Gen 36Psa 38Mat 234:7-10Comments
22Gen 37Psa 39, 40Mat 244:11-13Comments
23Gen 38Psa 41-43Mat 254:14-19Comments
24Gen 39, 40Psa 44Mat 264:20-27Comments
25Gen 41Psa 45Mat 275:1-6Comments
26Gen 42, 43Psa 46-48Mat 285:7-14Comments
27Gen 44, 45Psa 49Rom 1, 25:15-21Comments
28Gen 46, 47Psa 50Rom 3, 45:22,23Comments
29Gen 48-50Psa 51, 52Rom 5, 66:1-5Comments
30Exo 1, 2Psa 53-55Rom 7, 86:6-11Comments
31Exo 3, 4Psa 56, 57Rom 96:12-15Comments

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First reading
Second reading
Third reading
1Exo 5, 6Psa 58, 59Rom 10, 116:16-19Comments
2Exo 7, 8Psa 60, 61Rom 126:20-26Comments
3Exo 9Psa 62, 63Rom 13, 146:27-35Comments
4Exo 10Psa 64, 65Rom 15, 167:1-5Comments
5Exo 11, 12Psa 66, 67Mar 17:6-23Comments
6Exo 13, 14Psa 68Mar 27:24-27Comments
7Exo 15Psa 69Mar 38:1-11Comments
8Exo 16Psa 70, 71Mar 48:12,13Comments
9Exo 17, 18Psa 72Mar 58:14-21Comments
10Exo 19, 20Psa 73Mar 68:22-31Comments
11Exo 21Psa 74Mar 78:32-36Comments
12Exo 22Psa 75, 76Mar 89:1-6Comments
13Exo 23Psa 77Mar 99:7,8Comments
14Exo 24, 25Psa 78Mar 109:9,10Comments
15Exo 26Psa 79, 80Mar 119:11,12Comments
16Exo 27Psa 81, 82Mar 129:13-18Comments
17Exo 28Psa 83, 84Mar 1310:1,2Comments
18Exo 29Psa 85, 86Mar 1410:3,4Comments
19Exo 30Psa 87, 88Mar 15, 1610:5Comments
20Exo 31, 32Psa 891Co 1, 210:6,7Comments
21Exo 33, 34Psa 90, 911Co 310:8,9Comments
22Exo 35Psa 92, 931Co 4, 510:10Comments
23Exo 36Psa 94, 951Co 610:11,12Comments
24Exo 37Psa 96-991Co 710:13,14Comments
25Exo 38Psa 100, 1011Co 8, 910:15,16Comments
26Exo 39, 40Psa 1021Co 1010:17Comments
27Lev 1, 2Psa 1031Co 1110:18Comments
28Lev 3, 4Psa 1041C0 12, 1310:19Comments

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First reading
Second reading
Third reading
1Lev 5, 6Psa 1051Co 1410:20,21Comments
2Lev 7Psa 1061Co 1510:22Comments
3Lev 8Psa 1071Co 1610:23Comments
4Lev 9, 10Psa 108, 1092Co 1, 210:24,25Comments
5Lev 11Psa 110-1122Co 3, 410:26Comments
6Lev 12, 13Psa 113, 1142Co 5-710:27,28Comments
7Lev 14Psa 115, 1162Co 8, 910:29,30Comments
8Lev 15Psa 117, 1182Co 10, 1110:31,32Comments
9Lev 16Psa 119:1-402Co 12, 1311:1-3Comments
10Lev 17, 18Psa 119:41-80Luk 111:4Comments
11Lev 19Psa 119:81-120Luk 211:5,6Comments
12Lev 20Psa 119:121-176Luk 311:7Comments
13Lev 21Psa 120-124Luk 411:8Comments
14Lev 22Psa 125-127Luk 511:9-11Comments
15Lev 23Psa 128-130Luk 611:12,13Comments
16Lev 24Psa 131-134Luk 711:14Comments
17Lev 25Psa 135, 136Luk 811:15Comments
18Lev 26Psa 137-139Luk 911:16,17Comments
19Lev 27Psa 140-142Luk 1011:18,19Comments
20Num 1Psa 143, 144Luk 1111:20,21Comments
21Num 2Psa 145-147Luk 1211:22Comments
22Num 3Psa 148-150Luk 13, 1411:23Comments
23Num 4Pro 1Luk 1511:24-26Comments
24Num 5Pro 2Luk 1611:27Comments
25Num 6Pro 3Luk 1711:28Comments
26Num 7Pro 4Luk 1811:29-31Comments
27Num 8, 9Pro 5Luk 1912:1Comments
28Num 10Pro 6Luk 2012:2,3Comments
29Num 11Pro 7Luk 2112:4Comments
30Num 12, 13Pro 8, 9Luk 2212:5-7Comments
31Num 14Pro 10Luk 2312:8,9Comments

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First reading
Second reading
Third reading
1Num 15Pro 11Luk 2412:10Comments
2Num 16Pro 12Gal 1, 212:11Comments
3Num 17,18Pro 13Gal 3, 412:12-14Comments
4Num 19Pro 14Gal 5, 612:15-17Comments
5Num 20, 21Pro 15Eph 1, 212:18Comments
6Num 22, 23Pro 16Eph 3, 412:19-20Comments
7Num 24, 25Pro 17Eph 5, 612:21-23Comments
8Num 26Pro 18Phi 1, 212:24Comments
9Num 27Pro 19Phi 3, 412:25Comments
10Num 28Pro 20Joh 112:26Comments
11Num 29, 30Pro 21Joh 2, 312:27,28Comments
12Num 31Pro 22Joh 413:1Comments
13Num 32Pro 23Joh 513:2,3Comments
14Num 33Pro 24Joh 613:4Comments
15Num 34Pro 25Joh 713:5,6Comments
16Num 35Pro 26Joh 813:7,8Comments
17Num 36Pro 27Joh 9, 1013:9,10Comments
18Deu 1Pro 28Joh 1113:11Comments
19Deu 2Pro 29Joh 1213:12-14Comments
20Deu 3Pro 30Joh 13, 1413:15,16Comments
21Deu 4Pro 31Joh 15, 1613:17-19Comments
22Deu 5Ecc 1Joh 17, 1813:20-23Comments
23Deu 6, 7Ecc 2Joh 1913:24,25Comments
24Deu 8, 9Ecc 3Joh 20, 2114:1,2Comments
25Deu 10, 11Ecc 4Act 114:3,4Comments
26Deu 12Ecc 5Act 214:5,6Comments
27Deu 13, 14Ecc 6Act 3, 414:7,8Comments
28Deu 15Ecc 7Act 5, 614:9,10Comments
29Deu 16Ecc 8Act 714:11,12Comments
30Deu 17Ecc 9Act 814:13,14Comments

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First reading
Second reading
Third reading
1Deu 18Ecc 10Act 914:15,16Comments
2Deu 19Ecc 11Act 1014:17-19Comments
3Deu 20Ecc 12Act 11, 1214:20,21Comments
4Deu 21Song 1Act 1314:22-24Comments
5Deu 22Song 2Act 14, 1514:25Comments
6Deu 23Song 3Act 16, 1714:26,27Comments
7Deu 24Song 4Act 18, 1914:28,29Comments
8Deu 25Song 5Act 2014:30,31Comments
9Deu 26Song 6Act 21, 2214:32,33Comments
10Deu 27Song 7Act 23, 2414:34,35Comments
11Deu 28Song 8Act 25, 2615:1-3Comments
12Deu 29Isa 1Act 2715:4Comments
13Deu 30Isa 2Act 2815:5-7Comments
14Deu 31Isa 3, 4Col 115:8-10Comments
15Deu 32Isa 5Col 215:11Comments
16Deu 33, 34Isa 6Col 3, 415:12-14Comments
17Jos 1Isa 71Th 1, 215:15-17Comments
18Jos 2Isa 81Th 3, 415:18,19Comments
19Jos 3, 4Isa 91Th 515:20,21Comments
20Jos 5, 6Isa 102Th 1, 215:22,23Comments
21Jos 7Isa 112Th 315:24-26Comments
22Jos 8Isa 121Ti 1-315:27,28Comments
23Jos 9Isa 131Ti 4, 515:29,30Comments
24Jos 10Isa 141Ti 615:31,32Comments
25Jos 11Isa 152Ti 115:33Comments
26Jos 12Isa 162Ti 216:1-3Comments
27Jos 13Isa 17, 182Ti 3, 416:4,5Comments
28Jos 14Isa 19Tit 1-316:6,7Comments
29Jos 15Isa 20, 21Phm16:8,9Comments
30Jos 16Isa 22Heb 1, 216:10,11Comments
31Jos 17Isa 23Heb 3-516:12,13Comments

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First reading
Second reading
Third reading
1Jos 18Isa 24Heb 6, 716:14,15Comments
2Jos 19Isa 25Heb 8, 916:16,17Comments
3Jos 20, 21Isa 26, 27Heb 1016:18Comments
4Jos 22Isa 28Heb 1116:19,20Comments
5Jos 23, 24Isa 29Heb 1216:21-23Comments
6Jdg 1Isa 30Heb 1316:24Comments
7Jdg 2, 3Isa 31Jam 116:25Comments
8Jdg 4, 5Isa 32Jam 216:26,27Comments
9Jdg 6Isa 33Jam 3, 416:28-30Comments
10Jdg 7, 8Isa 34Jam 516:31-33Comments
11Jdg 9Isa 351Pe 117:1Comments
12Jdg 10, 11Isa 361Pe 217:2,3Comments
13Jdg 12, 13´Isa 371Pe 3-517:4,5Comments
14Jdg 14, 15Isa 382Pe 1, 217:6Comments
15Jdg 16Isa 392Pe 317:7,8Comments
16Jdg 17, 18Isa 401Jo 1, 217:9-11Comments
17Jdg 19Isa 411Jo 3, 417:12,13Comments
18Jdg 20Isa 421Jo 517:14,15Comments
19Jdg 21Isa 432Jo, 3Jo17:16Comments
20Rth 1, 2Isa 44Jud17:17,18Comments
21Rth 3, 4Isa 45Rev 1, 217:19-21Comments
221Sa 1Isa 46, 47Rev 3, 417:22Comments
231Sa 2Isa 48Rev 5, 617:23Comments
241Sa 3Isa 49Rev 7-917:24,25Comments
251Sa 4Isa 50Rev 10, 1117:26Comments
261Sa 5, 6Isa 51Rev 12, 1317:27,28Comments
271Sa 7, 8Isa 52Rev 1418:1Comments
281Sa 9Isa 53Rev 15, 1618:2,3Comments
291Sa 10Isa 54Rev 17, 1818:4,5Comments
301Sa 11, 12Isa 55Rev 19, 2018:6,7Comments

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First reading
Second reading
Third reading
11Sa 13Isa 56, 57Rev 21, 2218:8Comments
21Sa 14Isa 58Mat 1, 218:9,10Comments
31Sa 15Isa 59Mat 3, 418:11,12Comments
41Sa 16Isa 60Mat 518:13Comments
51Sa 17Isa 61Mat 618:14,15Comments
61Sa 18Isa 62Mat 718:16-18Comments
71Sa 19Isa 63Mat 818:19Comments
81Sa 20Isa 64Mat 918:20,21Comments
91Sa 21, 22Isa 65Mat 1018:22Comments
101Sa 23Isa 66Mat 1118:23,24Comments
111Sa 24Jer 1Mat 1219:1-3Comments
121Sa 25Jer 2Mat 1319:4,5Comments
131Sa 26, 27Jer 3Mat 1419:6,7Comments
141Sa 28Jer 4Mat 1519:8,9Comments
151Sa 29, 30Jer 5Mat 1619:10-12Comments
161Sa 31Jer 6Mat 1719:13,14Comments
172Sa 1Jer 7Mat 1819:15,16Comments
182Sa 2Jer 8Mat 1919:17Comments
192Sa 3Jer 9Mat 2019:18,19Comments
202Sa 4, 5Jer 10Mat 2119:21,22Comments
212Sa 6Jer 11Mat 2219:23,24Comments
222Sa 7Jer 12Mat 2319:25Comments
232Sa 8, 9Jer 13Mat 2419:26Comments
242Sa 10Jer 14Mat 2519:27-29Comments
252Sa 11Jer 15Mat 2620:1Comments
262Sa 12Jer 16Mat 2720:2,3Comments
272Sa 13Jer 17Mat 2820:4-6Comments
282Sa 14Jer 18Rom 1, 220:7Comments
292Sa 15Jer 19Rom 3, 420:8-10Comments
302Sa 16Jer 20Rom 5, 620:11Comments
312Sa 17Jer 21Rom 7, 820:12Comments


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First reading
Second reading
Third reading
12Sa 18Jer 22Rom 920:13-15Comments
22Sa 19Jer 23Rom 10, 1120:16-18Comments
32Sa 20, 21Jer 24Rom 1220:19Comments
42Sa 22Jer 25Rom 13, 1420:20,21Comments
52Sa 23Jer 26Rom 15, 1620:22,23Comments
62Sa 24Jer 27Mar 120:24,25Comments
71Ki 1Jer 28Mar 220:26,27Comments
81Ki 2Jer 29Mar 320:28-30Comments
91Ki 3Jer 30Mar 421:1,2Comments
101Ki 4, 5Jer 31Mar 521:3Comments
111Ki 6Jer 32Mar 621:4Comments
121Ki 7Jer 33Mar 721:5-7Comments
131Ki 8Jer 34Mar 821:8-10Comments
141Ki 9Jer 35Mar 921:11,12Comments
151Ki 10Jer 36Mar 1021:13Comments
161Ki 11Jer 37Mar 1121:14-16Comments
171Ki 12Jer 38Mar 1221:17,18Comments
181Ki 13Jer 39Mar 1321:19,20Comments
191Ki 14Jer 40Mar 1421:21,22Comments
201Ki 15Jer 41Mar 1521:23,24Comments
211Ki 16Jer 42Mar 1621:25,26Comments
221Ki 17Jer 431Co 1, 221:27Comments
231Ki 18Jer 441Co 321:28,29Comments
241Ki 19Jer 45, 461Co 4, 521:30,31Comments
251Ki 20Jer 471Co 622:1Comments
261Ki 21Jer 481Co 722:2-4Comments
271Ki 22Jer 491Co 8, 922:5,6Comments
282Ki 1, 2Jer 501Co 1022:7Comments
292Ki 3Jer 511Co 1122:8,9Comments
302Ki 4Jer 521Co 12, 1322:10-12Comments
312Ki 5Lam 11Co 1422:13Comments

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First reading
Second reading
Third reading
12Ki 6Lam 21Co 1522:14Comments
22Ki 7Lam 31Co 1622:15Comments
32Ki 8Lam 42Co 1, 222:16Comments
42Ki 9Lam 52Co 3, 422:17-19Comments
52Ki 10Eze 12Co 5-722:20,21Comments
62Ki 11, 12Eze 22Co 8, 922:22,23Comments
72Ki 13Eze 32Co 10, 1122:24,25Comments
82Ki 14Eze 42Co 12, 1322:26,27Comments
92Ki 15Eze 5Luk 122:28,29Comments
102Ki 16Eze 6Luk 223:1-3Comments
112Ki 17Eze 7Luk 323:4,5Comments
122Ki 18Eze 8Luk 423:6-8Comments
132Ki 19Eze 9Luk 523:9-11Comments
142Ki 20Eze 10Luk 623:12Comments
152Ki 21Eze 11Luk 723:13,14Comments
162Ki 22, 23Eze 12Luk 823:15,16Comments
172Ki 24, 25Eze 13Luk 923:17,18Comments
181Ch 1Eze 14Luk 1023:19-21Comments
191Ch 2Eze 15Luk 1123:22Comments
201Ch 3Eze 16Luk 1223:23Comments
211Ch 4Eze 17Luk 13, 1423:24,25Comments
221Ch 5Eze 18Luk 1523:26-28Comments
231Ch 6Eze 19Luk 1623:29-35Comments
241Ch 7Eze 20Luk 1724:1,2Comments
251Ch 8Eze 21Luk 1824:3,4Comments
261Ch 9Eze 22Luk 1924:5,6Comments
271Ch 10Eze 23Luk 2024:7Comments
281Ch 11Eze 24Luk 2124:8Comments
291Ch 12Eze 25Luk 2224:9,10Comments
301Ch 13, 14Eze 26Luk 2324:11,12Comments

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First reading
Second reading
Third reading
11Ch 15Eze 27Luk 2424:13,14Comments
21Ch 16Eze 28Gal 1, 224:15,16Comments
31Ch 17Eze 29Gal 3, 424:17-20Comments
41Ch 18, 19Eze 30Gal 5, 624:21,22Comments
51Ch 20, 21Eze 31Eph 1, 224:23-25Comments
61Ch 22Eze 32Eph 3, 424:26Comments
71Ch 23Eze 33Eph 5, 624:27Comments
81Ch 24, 25Eze 34Phi 1, 224:28,29Comments
91Ch 26Eze 35Phi 3, 424:30-34Comments
101Ch 27Eze 36Joh 125:1-5Comments
111Ch 28Eze 37Joh 2, 325:6,7Comments
121Ch 29Eze 38Joh 425:8-10Comments
132Ch 1, 2Eze 39Joh 525:11-14Comments
142Ch 3, 4Eze 40Joh 625:15Comments
152Ch 5, 6Eze 41Joh 725;16Comments
162Ch 7Eze 42Joh 825:17Comments
172Ch 8Eze 43Joh 9, 1025:18,19Comments
182Ch 9Eze 44Joh 1125:20-22Comments
192Ch 10, 11Eze 45Joh 1225:23,24Comments
202Ch 12, 13Eze 46Joh 13, 1425:25-27Comments
212Ch 14, 15Eze 47Joh 15, 1625:28Comments
222Ch 16, 17Eze 48Joh 17, 1826:1,2Comments
232Ch 18, 19Dan 1Joh 1926:3-5Comments
242Ch 20Dan 2Joh 20, 2126:6-8Comments
252Ch 21, 22Dan 3Act 126:9-12Comments
262Ch 23Dan 4Act 226:13-16Comments
272Ch 24Dan 5Act 3, 426:17Comments
282Ch 25Dan 6Act 5, 626:18,19Comments
292Ch 26, 27Dan 7Act 726:20Comments
302Ch 28Dan 8Act 826:21,22Comments
312Ch 29Dan 9Act 926:23Comments

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First reading
Second reading
Third reading
12Ch 30Dan 10Act 1026:24-26Comments
22Ch 31Dan 11Act 11, 1226:27Comments
32Ch 32Dan 12Act 1326:28Comments
42Ch 33Hos 1Act 14, 1527:1,2Comments
52Ch 34Hos 2Act 16, 1727:3Comments
62Ch 35Hos 3Act 18, 1927:4-6Comments
72Ch 36Hos 4Act 2027:7-9Comments
8Ezr 1, 2Hos 5Act 21, 2227:10Comments
9Ezr 3, 4Hos 6Act 23, 2427:11Comments
10Ezr 5, 6Hos 7Act 25, 2627:12Comments
11Ezr 7Hos 8Act 2727:13Comments
12Ezr 8Hos 9Act 2827:14Comments
13Ezr 9Hos 10Col 127:15,16Comments
14Ezr 10Hos 11Col 227:17Comments
15Neh 1, 2Hos 12Col 3, 427:18-20Comments
16Neh 3Hos 131Th 1, 227:21,22Comments
17Neh 4Hos 141Th 3, 427:23-27Comments
18Neh 5, 6Joel 11Th 528:1Comments
19Neh 7Joel 22Th 1, 228:2Comments
20Neh 8Joel 32Th 328:3-5Comments
21Neh 9Amo 11Ti 1-328:6,7Comments
22Neh 10Amo 21Ti 4, 528:8-10Comments
23Neh 11Amo 31Ti 628:11Comments
24Neh 12Amo 42Ti 128:12,13Comments
25Neh 13Amo 52Ti 228:14Comments
26Est 1Amo 62Th 3, 428:15,16Comments
27Est 2Amo 7Tit 1-328:17,18Comments
28Est 3, 4Amo 8Phm28:19,20Comments
29Est 5, 6Amo 9Heb 1, 228:21,22Comments
30Est 7, 8ObaHeb 3-528:23,24Comments

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First reading
Second reading
Third reading
1Est 9, 10Jon 1Heb 6, 728:25,26Comments
2Job 1, 2Jon 3, 4Heb 8, 928:27,28Comments
3Job 3, 4Jon 4Heb 1029:1Comments
4Job 5Mic 1Heb 1129:2-4Comments
5Job 6, 7Mic 2Heb 1229:5-8Comments
6Job 8Mic 3, 4Heb 1329:9-11Comments
7Job 9Mic 5Jam 129:12-14Comments
8Job 10Mic 6Jam 229:15-17Comments
9Job 11Mic 7Jam 3, 429:18Comments
10Job 12Nah 1, 2Jam 529:19,20Comments
11Job 13Nah 31Pe 129:21,22Comments
12Job 14Hab 11Pe 229:23Comments
13Job 15Hab 21Pe 3-529:24,25Comments
14Job 16, 17Hab 32Pe 1, 229:26,27Comments
15Job 18, 19Zep 12Pe 330:1-4Comments
16Job 20Zep 21Jo 1, 230:5,6Comments
17Job 21Zep 31Jo 3, 430:7-9Comments
18Job 22Hag 1, 21Jo 530:10Comments
19Job 23, 24Zec 12Jo, 3Jo30:11-14Comments
20Job 25-27Zec 2, 3Jud30:15,16Comments
21Job 28Zec 4, 5Rev 1, 230:17Comments
22Job 29, 30Zec 6, 7Rev 3, 430:18-20Comments
23Job 31, 32Zec 8Rev 5, 630:21-23Comments
24Job 33Zec 9Rev 7-930:24-28Comments
25Job 34Zec 10Rev 10, 1130:29-31Comments
26Job 35, 36Zec 11Rev 12, 1330:32Comments
27Job 37Zec 12Rev 1430:33Comments
28Job 38Zec 13, 14Rev 15, 1631:1-7Comments
29Job 39Mal 1Rev 17, 1831:8,9Comments
30Job 40Mal 2Rev 19, 2031:10-24Comments
31Job 41, 42Mal 3, 4Rev 21, 2231:25-31Comments