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2 Kings

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2 Kings 25

2Ki 25:1

2Ki 25: "The treachery of Zedekiah (Eze 17) which brought its inevitable result as the prophets had warned. On this very day in the month Tebeth, approx January (2Ki 25:1), Ezekiel warned the exile in Babylon of the fate of the city. The city was breached (vv 4-7), the captivity ensued (vv 11,12), the temple was destroyed (vv 13-17), and the leaders of the nation executed (vv 18-21). The record concluded with Gedaliah made governor over the remnant (vv 22-24), the treachery of Ishmael (vv 25,26). Jehoiachin is released by Evil-Merodach and continued in the reign of Babylon (vv 27-30)" (GEM).

2Ki 25:4

THE GATE BETWEEN THE TWO WALLS: They did not go through an ordinary gate, as these would be watched by the Babylonians. They prob dug through the wall, making a secret breach (cp Eze 12:5,6).

2Ki 25:8

THE FIFTH MONTH: The reason why Israel remembered the fifth month (Zec 8:19) all the time they were in captivity. They were commemorating the burning of the house of God -- so all through the captivity Israel were commemorating their sinfulness! We do well to be careful what we remember.

2Ki 25:9

The Babylonians enter the city and destroy the Temple -- which had become a symbol of lip-service and outward ceremony (let us learn the lesson here). Later, against his will, Jeremiah is taken to Egypt by the few who remain in the land. We are not told in Scripture how, when, or where he dies.

The people had rejected the admonitions of the Spirit-inspired prophet. The Kingdom of God on earth is rent. The glory departs Israel, only to return momentarily in the person of Jesus Christ at his first advent. The long Gentile night has begun.

2Ki 25:18

THE PRIEST NEXT IN RANK: The official assistant or understudy to the High Priest (Temple 100; cp Jer 52:24).
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