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2 Kings

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2 Kings 3

2Ki 3:1

2Ki 3: Judah, Israel, and Edom versus Moab. Cp circumstances, Joel 3:12: the valley of "Jehoshaphat".

2Ki 3:3

THE SINS OF JEROBOAM SON OF NEBAT: The worship of the golden calves: 1Ki 12:28-33.

2Ki 3:7

I AM AS YOU ARE...: Jehoshaphat had not learned his lesson, even after the disaster with Ahab.

2Ki 3:9

A ROUNDABOUT MARCH: KJV has "fetched a compass".

2Ki 3:10

HAS THE LORD CALLED US...: He forgets about his idols (vv 3,13). When in trouble, he blames Yahweh!

2Ki 3:11

TO POUR WATER ON THE HANDS OF...: The custom of washing hands after meals; a service performed by a servant (LB 128). Performing this service would be the sign of a constant attendant, one in whom the master might confide.

2Ki 3:15

BUT BRING ME A HARPIST: To play hymns that he might be brought into a proper disposition to hear the Lord's word. (Just previously -- vv 13,14 -- Elisha had been very angry.)

2Ki 3:17

"The armies of the three kings were famishing for want of water: God was about to send it, and in these words the prophet announced the coming blessing. Here was a case of human helplessness: not a drop of water could all the valiant men procure from the skies or find in the wells of earth. Thus often the people of the Lord are at their wits' end; they see the vanity of the creature, and learn experimentally where their help is to be found. Still the people were to make a believing preparation for the divine blessing; they were to dig the trenches in which the precious liquid would be held" (CHS).

2Ki 3:20

AND THE LAND WAS FILLED WITH WATER: Perhaps a sudden, heavy storm filled the wadis, leaving pools of water (Baly 63).

2Ki 3:22

THE WATER LOOKED RED -- LIKE BLOOD: (1) The rising sun shining on the water gave it a reddish hue, (2) The land thereabouts could have had a reddish tint ("Edom" sig "red"), and this was reflected in the water, and/or (3) The soil was red, and this was mixed with the water.

2Ki 3:25

KIR HARESETH: A royal, or chief, city of Moab mentioned along with Ar in Isa 15:1. Located at Kerak, 11 miles east of the southern bay of the Dead Sea.

2Ki 3:27

Difficult and uncertain: perhaps the king of Moab slew the prince of Edom, causing Edom (the ally of Israel and Judah) to hate their former friends. Cp Amo 2:1; Mic 6:7.

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