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2 Kings

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2 Kings 22

2Ki 22:4

HILKIAH: Prob the father of Jeremiah (Jer 1:1).

2Ki 22:7

Cp Act 4:32.

2Ki 22:8

SHAPHAN: Nephew of Hilkiah, cousin of Jeremiah (Lesson, Jeremiah family tree).

I HAVE FOUND THE BOOK OF THE LAW IN THE TEMPLE OF THE LORD: The Book of God was found only because Josiah was cleansing the Temple!

2Ki 22:14

HULDAH: "When she died, she was buried at the entrance to the house of God in Jerusalem. A great multiple gateway was built in the southern wall of the temple, a part of which was called the Huldah Gates. Jesus and his apostles must have used it many times during his mortal life" (Mary Eyre, Tid 64:553).

2Ki 22:17

AND BURNED INCENSE TO OTHER GODS: Jeremiah was prophesying during the reign of Josiah (Jer 1:1,2); he makes mention many times of burning incense to other gods: Jer 1:16; 7:9; 19:4,13; 32:29; 44:3,5,8,15; 48:35. The prophet was a major support to Josiah in his reforms.

2Ki 22:20

Although he was slain in battle, Josiah was nevertheless spared the calamity of seeing the ruin of his people and his nation.

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