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2 Kings

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2 Kings 7

2Ki 7:1

2Ki 7: "When the king rushed in with his bold and impious threat (2Ki 6:33), it appeared that he had the upper hand. The city was on the point of extinction, people were dying on all sides, the most horrible acts were being committed. In such circumstances, men who remain calm and unruffled because they possess divine vision become the mark for attack on the part of those lacking these resources and jealous of their power of immunity. Their worship of God is mere superstitious convenience. If he exists, demonstrate it by miracle. Life thus becomes a demand for more and more miracles. They forget that their repudiation of Yahweh has produced the very conditions they lament. On this occasion Elisha was able to demonstrate Yahweh's power. To the astonishment of his hearers, the prophet was able to predict that the corn market at the gate of Samaria would present an extremely busy scene the following day. 2Ki 7 reveals: [1] Elisha's incredible prophecy: vv 1,2. [2] The leper's incredible discovery: vv 3-11. [3] The Syrian's incredible flight: vv 12-15. [4] The incredible fulfilment of the prophecy: vv 16-20" (GEM).

This ch typifies the calling of the disciples, and the preaching of the gospel.

This very practical ch demonstrates how God knows the future. We have here a turn of events so dramatic and unlikely that no one could have predicted it, but by the power of God, Elisha was able to make this proclamation and so convince those around him of his truth as a prophet. Here was an immediate fulfilment of the prophecy of the day before -- the test of a prophet.

Things and circumstances can change, as it were, in a moment, or as in this case, over night. What may be deemed most important and precious one day can become trivial the next day.

In these closing days of Gentile times we should be keeping our eyes, thoughts and actions on "the joy set before us" Or as Heb 10:25 tells us: "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."

2Ki 7:2

Scoffers and unbelievers will never be rewarded with a sign from heaven.

2Ki 7:3

Four men carry a message of salvation to the city: sym the four writers of the gospels.

2Ki 7:4

LET'S GO OVER TO THE CAMP OF THE ARAMEANS: Thinking they might be welcomed as spies.

2Ki 7:9

THIS IS A DAY OF GOOD NEWS: "Good news" = the "gospel"!

AND WE ARE KEEPING IT TO OURSELVES: Lesson for us: we should not be "silent Christians".

IF WE WAIT UNTIL DAYLIGHT: // 'if we do nothing until the resurrection!'

"Make sure that you have found the Savior. Eat and drink of him; enrich yourself with him; and then go and publish the glad tidings. I shall not object to your going as early as possible; but still, I would prefer that you should not go to assure others until you are quite certain yourself. I would have you go with a personal witness, for this will be your chief power with others. If you run too soon, and do not first taste and see that the Lord is good, you may say to others, 'There is abundance in the camp'; and they may reply, 'Why have you not eaten of it yourself?' Thus your testimony will be weakened, if not destroyed; and you will wish you had held your peace. It is better that you first of all delight yourself in fatness before you proclaim the fact of a festival. It is good that your faith should grasp the exceeding great and precious promises; and then, when you run as a tidings-bearer, you will testify what you have seen. If any say to you, 'Are you sure that it is true?' you will answer, 'Ay, that I am, for I have tasted and handled of the good word of life.' Personal enjoyments of true godliness assist us in our testimony for truth and grace.

"But the point I desire to bring out is this: if those lepers had stopped in the camp all night, if they had remained lying on the Syrian couches, singing, 'Our willing souls would stay in such a place as this'; and if they had never gone at all to their compatriots, shut up and starving within the city walls, their conduct would have been brutal and inhuman. I am going to talk to some at this time... who think that they have found the Savior... who write themselves down as having truly enjoyed religion, and who imagine that now their sole business is to enjoy themselves. They delight to feed on the word, and to this I do not object at all; but then, if it is all feeding and nothing comes of it, I ask to what end are they fed? If the only result of our religion is the comfort of our poor little souls, if the beginning and the end of piety is contained within one's self, why, it is a strange thing to be in connection with the unselfish Jesus, and to be the fruit of his gracious Spirit. Surely, Jesus did not come to save us that we might live unto ourselves. He came to save us from selfishness.

"I am afraid that some... have never yet confessed the work of God... They feel that, whereas they were once blind, now they see; but they have never declared what the Lord has done for them. Has all this work been done in a corner for their personal [enjoyment]? I want to have a drive at them, and at all others who have not yet considered that the object of their receiving grace from the Lord is that God may, through them, communicate grace to others. No man liveth unto himself. No man should attempt so to live" (CHS).

2Ki 7:13

FIVE OF THE HORSES: Cp 5 brethren of rich man = all Israel (Luk 16:29).

2Ki 7:15

AS FAR AS: Or "toward".

2Ki 7:19

YOU WILL SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES, BUT YOU WILL NOT SEE ANY OF IT: "There will be weeping there, and gnashing of teeth, when you see Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but you yourselves thrown out" (Luk 13:28).

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