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2 Kings

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2 Kings 9

2Ki 9:3

I ANOINT YOU KING OVER ISRAEL: The full message in vv 6-10.

2Ki 9:7

Vv 7-10: Not in the original message (v 3), but given in 2Ki 21:21-24.

2Ki 9:10

AND NO ONE WILL BURY HER: By Jewish reckoning, this is a horrendous thing (Psa 79:3). Here the Spirit is seeking to highlight the awful nature of the woman. Later it becomes the lament of the prophet when speaking of the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem (Jer 14:16). In this way Jezebel's death is seen to be as unpleasant as the final overthrow of the kingdom of God.

THEN HE OPENED THE DOOR AND RAN: Here the young man obeys the command of Elisha in v 3 to flee. Principle: God helps us only if we comply with His requirements. God would not look after the young man once this message was delivered unless he complied with God's exact instruction, which was to flee as soon as it was done. Let us have our ears open to God's instructions so that we too know what action is required of us by Him in each of the circumstances of our lives.

2Ki 9:11

THIS MADMAN: Ridicule of soldiers for a "holy man".

YOU KNOW THE MAN AND THE SORT OF THINGS HE SAYS: 'If you know he is mad, then you know his message is of no consequence.'

2Ki 9:30

2Ki 9:30:

Jezebel had one last defense: being a harlot, she could try to seduce Jehu.

2Ki 9:31

HIS MASTER: That is, Baasha (1Ki 16:9-15).

2Ki 9:33

THROW HER DOWN: "Lord, throw down the Jezebel of our unbelief, and let the dogs devour it" (CHS).

AS THEY TRAMPLED HER UNDERFOOT: Cp Isa 63:3, where Jesus is portrayed as treading down the enemies of the LORD: "I have trodden the winepress alone; from the nations no one was with me. I trampled them in my anger and trod them down in my wrath; their blood spattered my garments, and I stained all my clothing."

2Ki 9:35

HER SKULL, HER FEET AND HER HANDS: But they did not eat everything! There is undoubtedly a lesson here, expressed symbolically: so wicked was Jezebel, that even the wild scavenger dogs of the streets -- capable of eating the most disgusting garbage and offal -- did not consider her head (symbolizing her thoughts), her feet (symbolizing her walk), or her hands (symbolizing her actions) fit to consume! When these dogs -- which may readily consume their own vomit (Pro 26:11; 2Pe 2:22) -- turn their backs on any "dish", then it must be abhorrent to the last degree!

HER FEET AND HER HANDS: It is said, also, that dogs dislike small bones and never touch them (Tes 36:313).

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