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Joshua 24

Jos 24:1

Note typical fulfillment: NT "Joshua" in Shechem: Joh 4:4,5.

Jos 24:2

Jos 24: Joshua's 2nd address implies they ignored the entreaties of the first (Jos 23).

TERAH... WORSHIPED OTHER GODS: But see Gen 31:53: Terah did not always worship idols; he converted to become a worshiper of the God of Israel.

Jos 24:12

HORNET: Hieroglyphic symbol of the united dynasty of upper and lower Egypt. Thutmose III had undertaken 3 campaigns against Canaan. He extorted much wealth, leaving the land in a weakened condition (Arch Expl 25; Dawn 58:5). Cp Exo 23:28.

Jos 24:13

"Other men labored and ye are entered into their labors" (Joh 4:38).

Jos 24:14

WITH ALL FAITHFULNESS: As Jesus spoke at Shechem: Worship God in spirit and in truth (Joh 4:23).

Jos 24:15

CHOOSE FOR YOURSELVES: "We must choose wisdom and reject folly. We are faced with this choice every moment of our lives. All our thoughts, words and actions fall into one category or the other. They will all naturally be in the category of folly (and death) if we do not consciously and deliberately place them in the category of wisdom (and life). This is the constant battle against the diabolos -- the devil -- our natural selves. This is the required overcoming: 'He that overcometh shall inherit all things.' He that does not overcome shall not inherit anything. The flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh. We must diligently build up the Spirit's lust (desire) by study and meditation and prayer, so that it is stronger than the flesh's lust" (GVG).

Jos 24:19

That is, 'you cannot serve the LORD with a double mind.'

Jos 24:23

Cp Gen 35:2: Had Jacob's spoils, taken from Shechemites (Gen 34:27-29), been uncovered?

Jos 24:26

THE HOLY PLACE OF THE LORD: Heb "miqdash". "Shechem may have been chosen as the site for Joshua's last great act of covenant renewal because of its illustrious history. This is where the Lord first promised the land of Canaan to Abraham and his descendants (Gen 12:6.7). Here Jacob buried all the idols found in his entourage in preparation for meeting the Lord at Bethel (Gen 35:4). In both accounts an oak tree is prominent. The fact that they presented themselves 'before God' suggests that the tabernacle and the ark of the covenant were in Shechem at this time... Scholars are divided on this issue. Many insist that the sanctuary was still in Shiloh (cf Jos 18:1; 22:9,12). It is possible that the ark had been brought just for this occasion and was placed in a temporary sanctuary. There is no clear evidence one way or the other" (EBC).
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