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Joshua 2

Jos 2:1

SO THEY WENT AND ENTERED THE HOUSE OF A PROSTITUTE NAMED RAHAB: Poss they met her at a well outside the city walls, entering gate in her company so as not to arouse suspicion. Only later would they discover that she, of all Jericho, had faith in the God of Israel (WEnj 23).

Jos 2:4

Lying is always a sin: Lev 19:11; Eph 5:25; Pro 12:22. Rahab is praised for her great faith in befriending Israel (Heb 11:31; Jam 2:25), but not for lying.

Jos 2:10

WE HAVE HEARD: How? From father and mother (v 13).

Jos 2:11

OUR HEARTS MELTED AND EVERYONE'S COURAGE FAILED: The first part: thoughts of all Jericho, including Rahab.

FOR THE LORD YOUR GOD IS GOD IN HEAVEN ABOVE AND ON THE EARTH BELOW: The second part: thoughts of Rahab and her family only.

Jos 2:14

Rahab was justified by works in sending away the spies (Jam 2:25).

Jos 2:16

TO THE HILLS: To the west, toward Jerusalem -- the opposite direction to what the soldiers would expect them to go. Thieves and criminals often hid in these wilds (Luk 10:30).

Jos 2:18

CORD: Heb "tikvah", the sw "hope" (also in v 21).

Jos 2:21

AND SHE TIED THE SCARLET CORD IN THE WINDOW: The spies had told her to tie the scarlet cord in the window when they entered the land -- which would be in several days at the least. But so great is her faith that she ties up the cord IMMEDIATELY!

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