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Joshua 12

Jos 12:1

Josh 12: "The exciting excursions of Israel as they enter the Land of Promise are continued in this chapter, as it lists the conquests of the areas they are to inherit. The names of the kings are given in order of conquest, and represent the triumph of the multitudinous Christ in the Age to come. Vv 1-6 enumerate the victories of Moses each of Jordan. The remainder is a list of the kings conquered by Joshua: vv 7-24. So many kings in such a small territory show how small were their kingdoms. They were divided into seven nations (Deu 7:1), all of which were better equipped for warfare than was Israel. So the record sets out the Central Campaign (vv 9,16), the Southern Campaign (vv 10-18), and the Northern Campaign (vv 19-24)" (GEM).

Josh 12: "A fitting conclusion to the military campaigns of Joshua, containing as it does a summary of his numerous victories and a list of the 31 kings which were smitten by him. A short account is there given of the conquests made by Israel both in the times of Moses and of Joshua. The land which the Lord gave unto Israel consisted of two parts, for though it was but a single country, yet its terrain was divided by the Jordan. Thus the conquest of Canaan was a single enterprise, though it was actually accomplished in two distinct stages. That portion on the eastward side of Jordan was subdued by Moses, and given to the two and a half tribes, but the much larger half lay on the western side, and was subjugated by Joshua and allotted unto the nine and a half tribes" (Pink).

Jos 12:10

JERUSALEM: But this is kept only temporarily (cp Jdg 1:21; 2Sa 5:6), and then finally taken by David.

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