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Joshua 15

Jos 15:1

Jos 15: "The record lists the towns of conquest and the borders of the Land inherited by Israel. Many of these towns became famous in the history of Israel. Some faded into insignificance, so that their locations are not even known. So the ch reveals: [1] Judah's borders: vv 1-12. [2] Caleb's portion: vv 13-15. [3] Othniel takes Debir: vv 16-19. [4] Southern Division of Judah: vv 20-47. [5] Eastern Districts of Judea: vv 48-62. Such an inheritance must have been exciting to Joshua and his associates, as they located each area of conquest, and determined the means of overcoming. Antitypically, it presents the joy of the multitudinous Christ as the conquest of the nations is undertaken, and the victory of faith is achieved" (GEM).

Jos 15: "Judah was the imperial tribe, and it was fitting that he should be planted in a conspicuous territory. Even if the republic had not been destined to give place to the monarchy, some preeminence was due to the tribe which had inherited the patriarchal blessing, and from which he was to come in whom all the families of the earth were to be blessed. Judah and the sons of Joseph seem to have obtained their settlements not only before the other tribes, but in a different manner. They did not obtain them by lot, but apparently by their own choice and by early possession. Judah was not planted in the heart of the country. That position was gained by Ephraim and Manasseh, the children of Joseph, while Judah obtained the southern section. In this position his influence was not so commanding at first as it would have been had he occupied the centre. The portion taken possession of by Judah had belonged to the first batch of kings that Joshua subdued, the kings that came up to take vengeance on the Gibeonites. What was first assigned to Judah was too large, and the tribe of Simeon got accommodation within his lot (Jos 19:9). Dan also obtained several cities that had first been given to Judah (cp Jos 15:21-62; 19:40-46). In point of fact, Judah ere long swallowed up a great part of Simeon and Dan, and Benjamin was so hemmed in between him and Ephraim that, while Jerusalem was situated within the limits of Benjamin, it was, for all practical purposes, a city of Judah" (EB).

Jos 15:7

ADUMMIM: Rt "red" or "blood", becs of red clay and stone along the way from Jerusalem to Jericho. [Also, later, because of bandits that predominate along the path -- as in Christ's parable of good Samaritan (Luk 10:30). It is said that some construction workers from Herod's Temple -- being laid off with no other jobs to go to -- set up shop as bandits on the Way of Blood]

Jos 15:8

VALLEY OF REPHAIM: Consistently translated in NIV. AV has "valley of the giants" (Jos 15:18; 17:15; 18:16) or "valley of the Rephaim" (2Sa 5:18,22,23; 1Ch 11:15; 19:9; Isa 17:5).

Jos 15:15

Cp v 49: This city belonged to Simeon (Jos 21:15). Apparently a "university" for training scribes: Significance of names: "Debir" = word; "K-sepher" = town of books or scrolls; "K-sannah" = town of instruction (Enj 159).

KIRJATH-SEPHER: The city of the "scroll" was "sealed up", and no man could open it! Cp Rev 5:5; Gen 22:17,18.

Jos 15:19

GIVE ME ALSO SPRINGS OF WATER: Cp Joh 4:15: "Give me this water, that I thirst not."

Jos 15:63

TO THIS DAY: Thus the Book was written before David's reign (2Sa 5).

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