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Joshua 3

Jos 3:1

And so they camped before the Jordan, that impassable obstacle, for three full days (v 2): "Those three days before that unfordable river were the necessary preparation for what followed -- the background from which the following miracle might be the more evident to and the more appreciated by Israel. Man's extremity furnishes the most suitable opportunity for God to display His power. And it is not until man is made painfully aware of his extremity that he turns unto the Lord and seeks His intervention. That truth is writ large across the 107th Psalm, which forcible illustrates and exemplifies what we have been seeking to express. 'Hungry and thirsty their souls fainted in them. Then they cried unto the Lord in their trouble' (Psa 107:5,6). 'There was none to help: then they cried unto the Lord in their trouble, and He saved them' (Psa 107:12,13). 'They draw near unto the gates of death: then they cry unto the Lord' (Psa 107:18,19). They 'are at their wits' end: then they cry unto the Lord' (Psa 107:27,28). They are brought into a desperate situation, to the end of their own resources, and then it is that they -- not merely utter a few cold and formal petitions, but -- 'cry unto the Lord', and such a cry is ever responded to by His deliverance.

"Do not close your eyes to the Jordan -- the problem, the difficulty, the obstacle -- that confronts you, but face it. Do not attempt to minimize it, but take its full measure. Continue contemplating it until you plainly realize your own helplessness to cope with the same, and then trustfully turn unto Him who is capable of dealing with it" (Pink).

Jos 3:4

YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS WAY BEFORE: The way of salvation, kingdom: a new way, never traveled. Ct Deu 17:16: an old way you must never return.

A THOUSAND YARDS: The ark was set in front of the nation of Israel, and preceded them by 2,000 cubits (years?!) into the Land of Promise. (Cp "Joshua" in v 1, and "three days" in v 2).

Jos 3:15

DURING HARVEST: Being fed by runoff from Hermon's snows.

THEIR FEET TOUCHED THE WATER'S EDGE: "Nothing good will ever happen until you get your feet wet!"

Jos 3:16

Christ's sacrifice rolled the waters of death back as far as Adam (Luk 3:38).

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