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Joshua 10

Jos 10:1

Jos 10: "Joshua's military campaigns against the powers of Canaan take a new line in this chapter. His associated Gibeonites are attacked by a Canaanite confederacy. It is a dramatic outline, as God's people are challenged by the power of the Flesh. So the record provides a type of the greater contest ahead. The record shows: [1] The confederacy is formed: vv 1-4. [2] Gibeon is attacked: v 5. [3] An appeal to Joshua for assistance: vv 6,7. [4] Joshua attacks suddenly at dawn: vv 8-15. [5] Destruction of the enemy: vv 16-21. [6] Execution of the kings: vv 22-27. [7] Makkedah and Libnah fall to Joshua: vv 18-30. [8] Siege of Lachish: vv 31,32. [9] Horam defeated: v 33. [10] Eglon falls: vv 34,35. [11] Hebron is taken: vv 36,37. [12] Debir conquered: vv 38,39. [13] Summary of the campaign: vv 40-43.

"The battle of Beth-horon was one of the world's decisive battles. Joshua's success against the confederacy which attacked Gibeon laid open the whole land to the nation of Israel -- ensuring the success of the campaign. On the basis of that success Jews claim the right to return to the Land today. 'Yahweh brought the counsel of the heathen to nought' (Psa 33:10)" (GEM).

Jos 10:9

From Gilgal to Gibeon, 18 mi and 3,400 ft climb.

Jos 10:10

BETH HORON: "House of caverns".

Jos 10:11

Jos 10:11.

LARGE HAILSTONES: In midwinter hail is most common on the coastal plain. 5/23/57: Hail size of small apples fell on this region (Baly 50).

Jos 10:13

THE SUN STOOD STILL: The Book of Jashar is, of course, poetry (cp 2Sa 1:18-27), and -- like any poetic expression -- this need not be taken in a perfectly literal manner. There are plenty of other examples of Bible poetry, not necessarily interpreted literally: Isa 55:12; Psa 98:8; 114:4,6.

So what happened?: Did the time of "daylight" simply appear to be extended, as measured by the work that was accomplished that day under the influence of God's Spirit?

"The only way in which lengthening of the day could be measured would be by the amount of useful work the men of Israel were able to put into it. Consider Jos 10:9,11,15,17,28, etc. Joshua's army covered 50 miles in one day, fighting all the way, through mountainous terrain" (WBS 72,73).

Jos 10:24

"The history of Israel is not only as strictly lit as any other histories, and truer too than those of the nations contemporary with their prophetic times, but it is also allegorical, which theirs are not. Joshua and his captains were like Joshua, the High Priest and his companions, 'men of sign'; and represented Messiah and his Captains in their future wars with 'the Kings of the earth, and of the whole Habitable' (Rev 16) whom they are to tread down as ashes under the soles of their feet" (Phan 136,137).

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