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Joshua 22

Jos 22:22

Names of God here: El Yahweh Elohim... El Yahweh Elohim. These 3 names used together only here and Psa 50:1. Both passages are (1) in context of judgment, and (2) concerned with sacrifice. The issue both here and there (ie in Hezekiah's day) was loyalty to the central sanctuary of the Lord, particularly in the matter of sacrifice. This principle is developed in Psa 50:8-13.

Jos 22:33

"Even in the days of drastic and summary punishment the approved leaders of Israel were willing to accept explanations of matters they judged to be wrong. When the altar was set up by the two tribes beyond Jordan the rest of Israel prepared to make war on the apparent infidelity. But they gladly accepted the explanation that the altar was only intended as a witness and was in no sense to be used for worship contrary to God's law. Was the building of this altar entirely justifiable or was it absolutely wrong and the explanation a subterfuge, or was it an act which could not be put in either extreme category? Unwise, indeed, in view of Israel's weakness, but a pardonable error in view of the explanations?

"We might not all agree in judgment on the matter even now, with all the advantage distance lends in freeing the mind from bias and prejudice. It is possible that some in Israel thought the explanation unsatisfactory and lame. They all agreed, however, not to make war on their brethren, and assuredly they were right in that" (PrPr).

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