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Leviticus 1

Lev 1:1

Heb title: "Vayikkra" = "he called" (first word in Heb text). See Lesson, Pentateuch, Hebrew titles.

See Lesson, Lev, overview.

See Lesson, P source, problems.

Lev 1:2

The offering was to be taken from the property of the individual. This was to be a fundamental principle: from his ordinary possessions, and out of his daily life, the worshiper was to find the means to give sacrifice and service to his God. God's worship was not to be an extraordinary thing, something done by an elite few for the benefit of others, or something performed by an entertainer -- for the amusement of onlookers. It was to be the regular devotion of the common man and woman -- their God was with them every day, a presence in all aspects of their lives. So out of the common furnishings, the common threads and tools, of that day-to-day existence, they were to set aside a portion to be given to Him.

Lev 1:3

WITHOUT DEFECT: Cp Christ: Though by nature like others, yet with no personal sin. The only blemish was internal: ie sinful nature.

Lev 1:4

See Lesson, Laying on of hands.

Lev 1:7

Setting "in order" is a significant thing in the service of God: Gen 22:9; Exo 26:17; 39:37; 40:4,23; Lev 1:7,8,12; 6:12; 24:8; 1Ki 18:33; 2Ki 20:1; 2Ch 13:11; 29:35; Eze 41:6; Acts 18:23; 1Co 11:34; 14:40; Tit 1:5.

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