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Leviticus 15

Lev 15:2

Vv 2-12: "Not only a leper, but any man having a running issue out of his flesh, was to be regarded as unclean till he was cured -- unclean in himself and defiling to others. All contact with him in any way was forbidden. Everything he used or touched was to be considered as defiling, whether saddle, crockery ware, chair, or bed; and any one touching any of these, was to be considered unclean for the whole day, and compelled to wash, both himself and clothing. The advantage of such a law as a hygienic protection, is self-manifest, but it is the spiritual significance we are in search of. There are moral lepers and men whose mouths are a fountain of uncleanness -- men comparable only to running sores in the community. 'Avoid them' [Rom 16:17], says Paul: 'turn away' [2Ti 3:5] -- 'Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them' [Eph 5:11]. Their company -- their very touch -- is defiling. Men of God may be thrown into contact with them, as the Mosaic type contemplates: but they have a resort for cleansing which is also figured in the type: they bathe themselves in the water of the living word, and wait with a sense of contracted uncleanness till the next day, when sleep and prayer will bring a return of the purity that is native to the mind in which God dwells" (LM 260).

Lev 15:4

Vv 4-11: "A basic requirement of the prevention of cross-infection is the safe disposal of contaminated dressings, and the decontamination of laundry and other items that have come into contact with infected patients... In the UK today it is reckoned that about 1 in 9 patients admitted to hospital develops an infection acquired whilst in hospital. Much of this is the direct result of the failure of staff to wash their hands after handling infected people or materials" (SP, Tes 71:203,204).

Lev 15:13

The principle in the LM of cleansing of all discharges, by washing -- one of the fundamental principles of public health and sanitation.

FRESH WATER: Lit, "living", or running water.

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