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Leviticus 26

Lev 26:10

Such great blessings that one's barns are still half full of previous year's crop while current year is being harvested. Cp Mat 13:52: spiritual blessings both old and new!

Lev 26:11

Vv 11,12: There is a way for God not only to overlook our sinfulness, but also to dwell amongst us. This He can and will do in Jesus: all of the Law brings us to Jesus in some way (Gal 3:24). Jesus is the "place" where God has chosen to put His name [Deu 14:23; 16:2; 26:2). In Jesus, we also share this honor, and God, as he has promised right through scripture, will dwell with us.

Lev 26:41

Vv 41,42: "Lev 26 comprises the Levitical covenant. It sets forth the terms by which tenancy of the Land might be retained (vv 3,4,6,9), warns of the consequences of disobedience, and concludes by promising a full restoration of the people and nation to the Land on the basis of the covenant made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

"This statement of the Law, this Levitical covenant, forms the basis of all the prophecies of the Old Testament relating to the restoration of the people and nation of Israel. Yahweh's promise to the repentant (vv 41,42) implies that they are not pardoned merely on the ground of their repentance, though it is set forth as the condition of their acceptance. The basis of the promise of restoration is the covenant made to Abraham. The Mosaic covenant still indicts Israelites today (Gal 3:10), but the Abrahamic covenant will rescue them and restore them (Gal 3:5-7; Jer 31:31-34" (Expos).

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