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Leviticus 14

Lev 14:4

CEDAR WOOD, SCARLET YARN AND HYSSOP: "Scarlet and hyssop" are only used in the cleansing of the leper, and in regard to the red heifer in Num 19:6. The law of the red heifer is referred to in Heb 9:19 -- marking the association with "sin in the flesh" because the red heifer was used for "purification for sin" (Num 19:9). In Hebrews the red heifer is contrasted with the sacrifice of Christ. Whilst the red heifer could only purify the flesh, the sacrifice of Christ can "purge the conscience" (Heb 9:14).

Lev 14:5

Christ, a "clean" bird, yet killed in an earthen vessel (sinful flesh).

FRESH WATER: Living water, from the altar, heals the world (Eze 47:9). Cp Psa 1:3; Rev 22:1,2.

CLAY POT: Earthen vessels which point to Christ: 2Co 4:7; Jdg 7:20: broken that the light might shine forth. In like manner, Jesus was "broken" so that we might enjoy the everlasting view of that light.

Lev 14:7

The living bird, also "clean", is released from sin. Christ's death is of benefit for himself (Heb 9:12; Phi 2:8).

Lev 14:14

THE PRIEST IS TO TAKE SOME OF THE BLOOD OF THE GUILT OFFERING AND PUT IT ON THE LOBE OF THE RIGHT EAR OF THE ONE TO BE CLEANSED, ON THE THUMB OF HIS RIGHT HAND AND ON THE BIG TOE OF HIS RIGHT FOOT: This matches the consecration of the priest (Exo 29:20); the cleansed leper is accepted into the fellowship and service of God.

Lev 14:18

This "atonement" matches that of the Nazarite, in Num 6:11.

Lev 14:22

Cp the offering for the Nazarite: Num 6:10.

Lev 14:40

This Christ did in first visit to Temple: Joh 2:13... He returned for a 2nd visit, 3 years later: v 45.

Lev 14:45

This all may be seen as a prophecy: Jesus Christ, in his role as the priest, "inspects" the "leprous house", that is, God's temple at Jerusalem -- and he finds it polluted by the sins of the nation. Even after his first cleansing of the house, at the beginning of his ministry (John 2), the house's condition grew worse (Mat 21:12,13). "You knew not the day of your visitation" (Jer 8:12; Luk 19:42-44), Jesus had said to the nation. By the end of our Lord's ministry, his second "inspection" of the house revealed conditions just as bad as at the first: in the language of the Law, the house of Israel was incurably infected with the "leprosy" of sin and uncleanness. The only remedy was to pull it down and carry it away, stone by stone (cp similar language, Zec 5:4, re the woman of iniquity and the ephah). And thus it was done, even as the "priest" prophesied: "Jesus left the temple and was walking away when his disciples came up to him to call his attention to its buildings. 'Do you see all these things?' he asked. 'I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another; every one will be thrown down' " (Mat 24:1,2).

The promise of Psa 91:9,10 was unfulfilled.

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