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1 Chronicles 29

1Ch 29:1

1Ch 29: Outline: (1) David encourages the people by his own example to give to the work of the temple (vv 1-5). (2) So the chief of the fathers gave willingly (vv 6-9). (3) Which prompted David to praise God in prayer and Psalm (vv 10-19). (4) David speaks to the congregation and they make Solomon king the second time (vv 20-25). (5) David's forty year reign and his death recorded (vv 26-28). (6) Explanation is given as to where else it is possible to read of David's acts (vv 29,30).

The great work which David began is now finished. He sleeps and his son reigns in his stead, sitting on the throne of the Lord.

1Ch 29:4

OPHIR: See Lesson, Ophir.

1Ch 29:9

THE PEOPLE REJOICED AT THE WILLING RESPONSE OF THEIR LEADERS: "They were not only glad that they had it to offer, but that they had hearts to do it; they found themselves quite free to do the work, and saw it was so with others, which gave them extreme pleasure..."

FOR THEY HAD GIVEN FREELY AND WHOLEHEARTEDLY TO THE LORD: "Not grudgingly, but cheerfully; not pressed and urged to it; not by constraint, but freely, and that with a pure view to the honour and glory of God..."

DAVID THE KING ALSO REJOICED GREATLY: "It made his heart glad exceedingly, now he was old, and just going out of the world, to see this good work in such forwardness, on which his heart had been so much set; it gave him reason to believe it would be set about in good earnest, be carried on with vigour, and brought to perfection" (Gill).

1Ch 29:14

WHO AM I, AND WHO ARE MY PEOPLE...?: Cp 1Sa 18:18: the same righteous question that David had asked at the beginning.

1Ch 29:23

12 tribes under David and Solomon = the kingdom of God in the past (Exo 19:3-6). Kingdom was divided after Solomon: 1Ki 11:29-36. Typ Christ on his throne: Jer 3:17.
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