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1 Chronicles 28

1Ch 28:1

"David was facing the end of his life. With typical faithfulness, there was one thing on his mind: the realisation of the great temple of Yahweh, for which he had set his heart. In his farewell speech he charges the elders of Israel to continue his passion for the temple, and to support his son, Solomon, in the great work to which Yahweh had committed him. David's glorious reign reaches a climax as the aristocracy of Israel is gathered together, and in the presence of Solomon, David makes his final request and exhortation. In his passionate address he sets out: [1] How Yahweh chose David and Solomon: vv 1-8; [2] A personal charge to Solomon, and the passing over of the plans and ordering of the temple: vv 9-19; [3] The work had been commenced by Yahweh, and it is for Solomon to complete it: vv 20.21.

"Publicly the king advises the young heir to the throne regarding his conduct and duty, and makes reference to the great divine work that Solomon must do. He pledges the nation's support, and challenges the people to be liberal in their donations to this work, by a personal example of liberality. Solomon is proclaimed and anointed king. and with a final prayer and thanksgiving, David's work is brought to a fitting close. By training a shepherd in youth to become a hero in warfare, and a king in old age, there remained for the people an example of steadfast faith and unity of purpose. David was a fit type of Christ, for his actual personal reign never ended, but instead merged into that of his son who stood as joint-king with his Father. In his son Solomon, David built the temple on Zion. He provided all the elements, the gold, silver and instruments of every king, and thereby typified the work of the Lord Jesus in his redemptive work, so that a glorious temple of living stones might be accomplished to the honour and glory of Yahweh" (GEM).

1Ch 28:2

David sat as a worshiper (2Sa 7:18), lay as a penitent (2Sa 12:16), and, stood as a servant (1Ch 28:2).

Notice David's humble and respectful manner toward inferiors.

FOOTSTOOL: The Ark of the Covenant, and the Temple -- where the Almighty resides (Psa 99:5; 132:7; Lam 2:1; 1Ch 28:2; Isa 60:13; 66:1).

1Ch 28:3

BECAUSE YOU ARE A WARRIOR AND HAVE SHED BLOOD: Cp 1Ki 5:3: "You know that because of the wars waged against my father David from all sides, he could not build a temple for the Name of the LORD his God until the LORD put his enemies under his feet." Reason: not that David was unworthy, but that he was too busy fighting God's wars. (Or, alternatively, did David simply ASSUME that this was the reason -- when, in fact, it was not?)

1Ch 28:5

THE THRONE OF THE KINGDOM: David's throne is the same as the throne of the Lord (1Ch 29:23).

1Ch 28:6

"This is a verse with many beautiful overtones. A consideration of the following passages will bring them out. There is sonship, temple-building and rest all associated with Solomon here and, of course, with Jesus: 2Sa 7:13,14; 2Ch 1:9; Zech 6:12,13; Heb 3:3-6; 4:5" (PC).

1Ch 28:11

DAVID GAVE HIS SON SOLOMON THE PLANS...: As Moses had been directly instructed by God: Exo 25:40. God gives precise instructions for worshiping Him: here, the outward preparation; but here, and later also: inward preparations also.

1Ch 28:21

We are all workers to build God's temple: Isa 66:1,2; 1Pe 2:5; 1Co 3:16; 6:9; 2Co 6:16; Eph 2:20-22; Heb 3:6; Rev 3:12.

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