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1 Chronicles 15

1Ch 15:1

1Ch 15 outlined: (1) David prepares to bring the ark from the house of Obed Edom to Jerusalem (vv 1-3); (2) David assembled the priests for the task (vv 4-11); (3) David speaks to the Levites about bringing the ark to Zion (vv 12-16); (4) The singers appointed (vv 17-24); (5) David brought the ark to Zion (vv 25-28); (6) Michael, David's wife, Saul's daughter, despised David (v 29).

1Ch 15:2

The lesson of 1Ch 13:11.

1Ch 15:13

"We see here an interesting series of lessons. First, we must do things the way that God has decreed; and second, we must accept this even if we feel it is not necessary. David was angered by the breach which God brought upon Uzzah for touching the ark when it was not his place to do so, but this chapter shows how the man after God's own heart puts aside his own emotions on the matter and accepts that God's law must not be challenged. This is a very great lesson that we should all learn to counter the arrogance of thinking that we know better than God" (PC).

1Ch 15:20

ALAMOTH: "Alamoth" is the plural of "alma", which may mean: a hidden one, a covered one, or a virgin (Isa 7:14; Gen 24:43; Exo 2:8).

According to Thirtle, in his work "The Titles of the Psalms", "Alamoth" appears as a subscription -- or "postscript" of Psa 45 (not as it SEEMS to be: a superscription -- or "introduction" -- of Psa 46).

Probably this means that Psa 45 was assigned to be sung by a choir of maidens (1Ch 15:20), or else they provided accompaniment for it. Such a designation is appropriate to Psa 45, which was plainly a wedding hymn (Psa 45:9,14). The "maidens" described in the psalm (called also "kings' daughters" and "honourable women": v 9) are the counterpart of the "daughters of Jerusalem" or "Zion" in Song 1:5; 2:7; 3:5; etc.

And so there were, it is supposed, other psalms and temple songs that were especially composed and prepared for the "maidens' choir".

1Ch 15:21

SHEMINITH: "Sheminith" is the plural of the Hebrew for "eight, or the eighth". Possibly (this can only be guesswork!) it was used here as a reference to circumcision, performed on the eighth day (Gen 17:12; Lev 12:3; Luk 1:59; 2:21; Act 7:8; Phi 3:5). Since, of course, males only were circumcised, this may indicate a "male choir" -- the counterpart of the "maidens' choir". And of course, other psalms and temple songs were especially arranged to be sung by the males.

1Ch 15:29

MICHAL... DESPISED HIM IN HER HEART: "The last time that we saw Michal at a window she was lowering David down to escape the wrath of her father (1Sa 19:12). On that occasion she risked her life for her husband. On this occasion she 'despised him in her heart'. David had grown spiritually whilst he was away from her. She had degenerated spiritually. So the wilderness was a better growing environment that the court of the king" (PF).

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