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1 Chronicles

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1 Chronicles 1

1Ch 1:1

"It seems that often when we come to do the 'Daily Readings' in the books of Chronicles we inwardly groan. Our view might well be that Chronicles is just lists of names. We may be tempted to skip parts of the Chronicles readings even though we know that [being Scripture] in some ways they are 'useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness' (2Ti 3:16)" (PF).

1Ch 1:5

A substantial part of this genealogy reproduces the table of nations from Gen 10. Far from being irrelevant, there must be value in recording this information. In fact, these relationships provide the basis for our understanding of much of prophecy, and how and why certain nations interacted at different times.

1Ch 1:7

TARSHISH: "Beryl". Tartessus, southern Spain, Britain, trade center: Isa 23n; Eze 38:13n.

1Ch 1:10

NIMROD: The namesake for Merodach, god of Babylon.

1Ch 1:36

ZEPHO: Or "Zophar" (LXX): cp Job 2:11.

1Ch 1:43

THE KINGS WHO REIGNED IN EDOM: The kings promised in Gen 35:11.

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