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1 Chronicles 27

1Ch 27:1

1Ch 27: David also organized his army (vv 1-15), Israel's tribal leaders (vv 16-24), his administrators (vv 25-31), and his counselors and advisers (vv 32-34). He did all this to insure the future stability of the kingdom, so that God's promises could be fulfilled without unnecessary opposition or confusion. The writer mentions 12 tribes, but in this list these include Levi and the two halves of Manasseh. He omits Gad and Asher in this tally (vv 16-24; cf 1Ch 7).

1Ch 22--27 record David's preparation for the fulfillment of those covenant promises made to him -- which would be fulfilled in part after he had passed off the scene. His preoccupation with God's promises and his preparations for their fulfillment served as a good example for Chronicles' original readers. David's zeal for the house of Yahweh reflected his zeal for the reputation of his God. He truly put God's glory before his own personal ambitions.

Vv 1-15: Twelve army captains named among mighty men. Joab the commander (v 34).

Eight of 12 captains were of Judah, two of Ephraim, and 2 of Benjamin (Ellicott).

1Ch 27:6

BENAIAH: More details of his exploits are given in 1Ch 11:22-25 and 2Sa 23:21-23.

1Ch 27:7

HIS SON ZEBADIAH WAS HIS SUCCESSOR: Since Asahel was slain at beginning of David's reign (1Ch 11:26; 2Sa 2:18-23).

1Ch 27:16

Vv 16-24: Twelve tribal princes.

1Ch 27:17

Two princes for Levi: one for the tribe, one for the Aaronic branch.

1Ch 27:24

WRATH CAME ON ISRAEL ON ACCOUNT OF THIS NUMBERING: (1) The census was incomplete, and (2) the half-shekel was not collected.

1Ch 27:25

Vv 25-34: In this extensive list of the things that David had, which needed oversight, there is no mention of horses. David did not multiply horses because the law of Moses had forbidden it (Deu 17:16).

Vv 25-31: Twelve overseers.
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