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1 Chronicles 2

1Ch 2:3

SHELAH: His genealogy is in 1Ch 4:21-23.

ER, JUDAH'S FIRSTBORN, WAS WICKED IN THE LORD'S SIGHT; SO THE LORD PUT HIM TO DEATH: God also slew Onan, for refusing to perform the duty of the surviving brother and raise up seed to Er (Gen 38:2-10), but that is not recorded here. Why is one's death mentioned, but not the other's?

1Ch 2:6

ETHAN, HEMAN, CALCOL AND DARDA: These last four appear to be descendants of Zerah -- wise men contemporary with Solomon (1Ki 4:31). Heman was also (?) a grandson of Samuel (1Ch 6:33,34), a Levite assigned to Judah.

1Ch 2:7

ACHAR: Called "Achan" in Jos 7: this is the man of Judah who secretly appropriated for himself some of the spoils of war at the fall of Jericho (Jos 7:1-26; 22:20). Yahweh revealed to Joshua that Israel's defeat at Ai was caused by the presence of sin in the camp. When the sacred lot specified Achan as the offender, he confessed to coveting, stealing, and concealing in his tent fine clothing, silver, and gold, all of which was under the sacrificial ban, "devoted to the Lord for destruction". Achan and his family were stoned to death, and their bodies and possessions were burned in the valley of Achor ("troubling": same word as "Achar" here) south of Jericho.

Was Achan's name changed -- posthumously -- to Achar, matching the name of his place of burial, a word which signifies "trouble" or "troubler"?

This incident, in Josh 7, illustrates the truth of the proverb: "A greedy man brings trouble [Heb 'akar'] to his family" (Pro 15:27).

1Ch 2:9

JERAHMEEL: See vv 25-55.

RAM: See vv 10-17.

CALEB: Or "Chelubai": see vv 18-24,42; 1Ch 4:15.

1Ch 2:10

Vv 10-17: From Ram to David, the Messianic line.

AMMINADAB: Aaron married Elisheba daughter of Amminadab (Exo 6:23).

NAHSHON: Head of the tribe of Judah in Moses' day: Num 1:7; 2:3; 7:12,17; 10:14.

1Ch 2:15

THE SEVENTH DAVID: Eight sons are mentioned in 1Sa 17:12. Perhaps one died, or was son of a concubine.

1Ch 2:17

This line continues with David in 1Ch 3:1-10.

1Ch 2:33

PELETH: Ancestor of Pelethites: 2Sa 15:18; BS 10:23.

1Ch 2:36

ZABAD: One of David's mighty men: 1Ch 11:41.

1Ch 2:38

AZARIAH: One of captains of Jehoiada the priest: 2Ch 23:1.

1Ch 2:41

ELISHAMA: Poss Jehoiakim's scribe (Jer 36:12).

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