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1 Samuel 30

1Sa 30:1

The crisis has finally come for David and Saul and Jonathan and Israel and the Philistines. But David was sent away -- out of the arena altogether -- by God's providence.

REACHED ZIKLAG ON THE THIRD DAY: From Aphek to Ziklag, 25 miles per day.

NOW THE AMALEKITES HAD RAIDED THE NEGEV AND ZIKLAG: Their spies had prob seen David and his men leaving Ziklag unprotected. This was done to avenge David's previous attacks (1Sa 27:8).

See Lesson, Amalek.

1Sa 30:4

Assuming wives and children were all dead.

1Sa 30:8

DAVID INQUIRED OF THE LORD: Urim and thummim. Ct Saul's seeking after witches and sorcery (1Sa 28).

1Sa 30:9

Tracking such a large company (with great herds) would have been quite simple.

TO THE BESOR RAVINE: Another 12 miles sw of Ziklag (cp v 1), all on the same day!

1Sa 30:11

Vv 11-13: Ct David's kindness with the Amalekite's ruthlessness (v 13).

1Sa 30:15

The Egyptian slave knew where the Amalekites were headed; so now he could show them a shortcut?

1Sa 30:17

DUSK: Or "dawn" (sw Job 7:4; Psa 110:147) (NEB). So David and his men rested a few hours before attacking.

EVENING: Afternoon, beginning of the declining of the sun.

1Sa 30:23

WHAT THE LORD HAS GIVEN US: David only sees the true, divine perspective.

1Sa 30:24

(A) Every man received his own goods. (B) A special "bonus" for the victorious 400? Or not? (C) A large part of excess spoils sent to the previously loyal villages of Judah (vv 26-31).

THE MAN WHO STAYED WITH THE SUPPLIES: A diplomatic concession: they HAD been tired.

ALL WILL SHARE ALIKE: The point of Christ's parable in Mat 20:1-16.

1Sa 30:30

BOR ASHAN: Or "Beer-sheba" (LXX).

1Sa 30:31

Ct David's victory with Saul's defeat (1Sa 31).

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