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1 Samuel

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1 Samuel 21

1Sa 21:1

DAVID WENT TO NOB: Note David's desire, even in flight, to see the tabernacle of the Lord (cp Psa 84:1,2,10; 42:3,4).

NOB: On Mt Olivet, northeast of city.

AHIMELECH: Apparent contradiction: Called Abiathar in Mar 2:26. But consider these two genealogies: (a) Ahitub (1Sa 14:3) is father of Ahimelech (1Sa 14:3; 22:20), who is father of Abiathar (1Sa 22:20); and (b) Ahitub (2Sa 8:17) is father of Abiathar (2Sa 8:17; 1Ch 18:16), who is father of Ahimelech (2Sa 8:17; 1Ch 18:16; 24:6). Both father and son have both names (WS 246).

TREMBLED WHEN HE MET HIM: He realized David was a fugitive, and that it was dangerous to harbor him.

WHY ARE YOU ALONE? WHY IS NO ONE WITH YOU?: Not completely true (cp v 4; Mat 12:3), but David's past reputation would seem to warrant more men with him.

1Sa 21:2

David lies; and this lie brings death to several hundred people (v 7; 1Sa 22:9...).

1Sa 21:3

The man anointed to be king, and master of great treasures, has been reduced to a beggar!

1Sa 21:5

Alternative renderings: "And David answered the priest, and said unto him, Of a truth women have been kept from us about these three days, since I came out, and the vessels of the young men are holy, and the bread is in a manner common, yea, though it were sanctified this day in the vessel" (KJV).

1Sa 21:7

DOEG: "Fearful, timid". His name appears six times: here; 1Sa 22:9,18,22; Psa 52 title. Perhaps Doeg is embittered by some enforced detention at the hands of the priests -- some ceremonial defilement about which he cares not at all. Later he eagerly kills these priests (1Sa 22:9).

1Sa 21:8

DON'T YOU HAVE A SPEAR OR SWORD HERE?: David fears Doeg -- as he later states (1Sa 22:22).

THE KING'S BUSINESS: Cp Christ in Luk 2:49.

1Sa 21:9

Evidently the head of Goliath and his personal effects had all been taken to Jerusalem, ie to Nob, next to Jerusalem (1Sa 17:54).

THERE IS NONE LIKE IT; GIVE IT TO ME: David, who had once spurned the best of Hebrew weapons and armor, when offered by King Saul (1Sa 17:39) now trusts in the equipment of a Philistine. How much had this "incomparable" sword done for Goliath when he faced the young shepherd boy? Ct 1Sa 17:45,47.

1Sa 21:11

The Philistines appear to have more faith than David: 'Isn't this the man who slew Goliath? Isn't he the real king of the land?'

THEIR DANCES: Heb "mecholah" -- the dances of Psa 52 subscription, written at this time. How differently David "dances" now!

1Sa 21:13

SO HE PRETENDED TO BE INSANE: Did this really fool Achish? Or did he release David, hoping he would foment civil war with Saul? (Tes 43:305).

When mingling with the world, in places where we should not be, do we hope not to be recognized for what we are -- ie Christians? Such deception invariably fails: as for Abraham in Egypt, Peter at denial of Jesus.

1Sa 21:15

AM I SHORT OF MADMEN?: Jewish tradition alleges that the wife and daughter of Achish were mad (Tes 43:305).

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