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1 Samuel 12

1Sa 12:3

Samuel recalls the words of Moses in answer to the false accusations of Korah (Samuel's ancestor): "I have not taken so much as a donkey from them, nor have I wronged any of them" (Num 16:15).

1Sa 12:4

As no witness could testify truthfully against Christ (Mar 14:55-59). "I find no basis for a charge against him" (Joh 19:4).

1Sa 12:5

Are all our works with one motive? to serve God and truth? "Seek judgment" (Isa 1:17).

"Samuel did not deem himself above criticism. Now, in self-vindication, he invited public reproach, if indeed he had perverted justice... ruled unjustly, or lined his own pocket. But there was no word to be said against his administration. He had always had the nation's respect and confidence... This day they gave him unmeasured approval and gratitude for a long life of unselfish service. What a contrast with the days to come, when there were plenty who were 'bitter of soul' as a result of the unequal reign of Saul (1Sa 22:2)" (SSD 51).

1Sa 12:6

"Yahweh is witness, who made Moses and Aaron, and brought..." (RSV, following LXX). Men "made" by God, in ct "self-made" or natural leaders.

1Sa 12:7

STAND HERE: See 1Sa 9:27n.

1Sa 12:11

BARAK: "Bedan" in KJV is incorrect.

1Sa 12:17

Cp this rejection of Yahweh as King... to Israel's rejection of Christ: accompanied by earthquake (Mat 27:51), darkness over earth (Mat 27:45; Luk 23:44,45), and fearfulness (Mat 27:54).

1Sa 12:23

Although the people rejected him, yet Samuel continued to act as their mediator.

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