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1 Samuel

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1 Samuel 10

1Sa 10:1

1Sa 10: "So in my anger I gave you a king, and in my wrath I took him away" (Hos 13:11).

THEIR ENEMIES ROUND ABOUT: See Lesson, Nations "round about".

1Sa 10:3

THE GREAT TREE: "Elon". Root "strength" or "oak". The Heb is consistently translated "tree(s)" in NIV, but "plain" in KJV of Gen 12:6; 13:18; 14:13; 18:1; Deu 11:30. Cp also Jdg 4:11; 9:6,37; 11:33; 1Sa 10:3.

1Sa 10:10

The Spirit of God: in Daniel (Dan 5:11); in Joseph (Gen 41:38); clothed Gideon (Jdg 6:34); clothed Amasai (1Ch 12:18); clothed Zechariah (2Ch 24:20); came upon Balaam (Num 24:2); came upon Saul (1Sa 10:10).

1Sa 10:11

IS SAUL ALSO AMONG THE PROPHETS?: For some reason, Saul was not regarded as proper material for a prophet.

1Sa 10:12

AND WHO IS THEIR FATHER?: A reverent reminder that Yahweh was the "father" of all prophets: Deu 32:6; 2Sa 7:14; Isa 64:8; Jer 3:19; Mal 1:6. God may use any vessel He chooses.

1Sa 10:19

CLANS: "Thousands" (AV), but may sig "families" (cp v 21).

1Sa 10:22

SO THEY INQUIRED...: Cp 1Sa 16:11.

HE HAS HIDDEN HIMSELF AMONG THE BAGGAGE: "God answers Israel's request by appointing them their first human king, Saul. However, when the people came to make him king, they could not find him. The Scripture tells us that God had to tell the people, 'Behold, he hath hid himself among the stuff' (AV). The future king of Israel had answered God's call for service by hiding himself among the baggage.

"How many of us answer God's call by hiding among the stuff?

"When it comes to stuff, my family has plenty. We have so much stuff, that we can't even store it all. We have an attic, a garage and several closets full of stuff. Once or twice a year, we have to go though all the stuff so we can give some of the stuff away to people who don't have enough stuff of their own.

"Yet, despite our abundance of stuff, we seem to accumulate more and more stuff. The thought of having to move sends shivers down my spine because I am not sure if they have a moving van big enough to carry all of our stuff.

"Saul was a fairly big man. The Bible says 'he was head and shoulders taller than any of them'. Yet, he found enough stuff among his family to hide himself so thoroughly that only God could find him. I look around my house and see I have enough stuff to hide a small army.

"Now, besides bemoaning my ever shrinking living space, there is a point to all of this. Stuff is a distraction. There can come a point in life when we do not own our possessions, but our possessions 'own' us. What I mean is that taking care of so much stuff has a huge price. We all need food, shelter and clothing. These blessings from God take care of us. Yet, after the initial benefit of having our basic needs taken care of, we keep going to the point where we spend all of our time taking care of or acquiring more stuff. Then, after we get the stuff, we have to work a little harder so we can insure the stuff so we don't ever lose it. It takes so much out of us to acquire the stuff and maintain it, that the stuff eventually owns us. We find that the primary cost of stuff is our valuable time and energy...

"All of this has made me come to realize in a more tangible way that the only stuff that matters is the stuff we can take into the Kingdom with us. It is not the house or the car or the club membership or the swimming pool that matters, but our relationship with God and Jesus Christ, our family, our brethren and our friends. These things we can take into the Kingdom with us to enjoy for eternity.

"King Saul answered God's call by hiding among the stuff. Yet, God saw him. We too can hide ourselves from God among our stuff. But make no mistake about it... He sees us hiding there" (KT).

1Sa 10:25

THE REGULATIONS OF THE KINGSHIP: Not to multiply wives, horses, wealth; must write copy of Law (Deu 17:14-20).

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