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1 Samuel

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1 Samuel 9

1Sa 9:3

DONKEYS: Quite valuable property; there were few horses in Israel.

1Sa 9:4

Saul was searching near the border of Ephraim and Benjamin.

1Sa 9:15

THE LORD HAD REVEALED THIS TO SAMUEL: "Now the LORD had told Samuel in his ear" (AV), very graphically and intimately and directly speaking! Cp 1Sa 3:4,9: the quiet whisper with which the LORD spoke to His servant Samuel.

1Sa 9:26

Saul had been sleeping on the roof -- an ANE custom (LB 39).

1Sa 9:27

STAY HERE AWHILE: Or "Stand still that I may show you the word of God" (AV).

"Stand still and see the salvation of God" (Exo 14:13; 2Ch 20:17). "Stand still and hear God's commandments" (Num 9:8). "Stand still that I may reason with you" (1Sa 12:7). "Stand still and consider the works of God" (Job 37:14).

Quite often the Bible tells us, in one way or another, that we should cease -- if only for a moment -- from our daily grind of tasks, and wait upon the LORD, quietly and expectantly. Perhaps at such moments we might really HEAR the word of God, speaking in some still, silent part of our hearts -- not just the words, powerful though they be, that speak from the pages of Scripture... but the word of God, internalized in us, "made flesh", as it were -- made real, because interwoven in the fabric of our lives and experiences.

Perhaps at such moments -- if we really listen -- we might hear Him working.

Perhaps then -- if we gaze with the eye of faith, and not so much with the natural eye -- we might really SEE the salvation He has in store for us!

Don't be afraid to "stand still".

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