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Genesis 7

Gen 7:1

Gen 6: Vessels of wrath; Gen 7: Vessels of mercy. Importance of Flood in NT: Jesus' warning in Mat 24:37-39. Also, Luk 17:26,27; Heb 11:7; 1Pe 3:20; 2Pe 2:5; 3:3-10.

Other traditions of the Flood: Halley 75.

GO INTO ARK: In AV, "Come!" God was in the Ark: Isa 26:20n; see Gen 7:16. Cp Col 3:3 ("Hid with Christ"); 2 Co 6:17: separated from world. Christ IS the "ark" of salvation. In him, God says, "Come unto me" (Mat 11:28,29; cp Isa 26:20,21).


BECAUSE I HAVE FOUND YOU RIGHTEOUS IN THIS GENERATION: "You" here is singular: clearly implying that Noah was the ONLY righteous man. In this he was a type of Christ, and his sons and the rest of his family -- who were saved thru him -- typify the rest of us!

Power of faith and intercession on behalf of others: Mat 8:13; 9:32; 15:28; 17:14-18; Luk 8:50; Joh 4:49; Jos 6:17; Gen 7:1; 18:32; 19:12; Act 27:24.

Gen 7:2

SEVEN OF EVERY KIND OF CLEAN ANIMAL: Was there room for more clean animals, because no people took Noah up on his offer of accommodations? Notice in Acts 10; 11 "unclean animals" = Gentiles! If so, then could "clean animals" = "Jews" or covenant peoples?

Gen 7:3

Birds have been known to carry seeds of plants and tiny eggs of insects across oceans to previous barren islands.

Gen 7:4

SEVEN DAYS: 7 days warning: v 10n.

FORTY: The Scriptural number of probation.

WIPE FROM (DESTROY FROM): "Blot out" (AV mg); ie "wash off", as by water!

Gen 7:7

Cp v 23.

Gen 7:9

The normal enmity of animal life was set aside.

Gen 7:10

AFTER SEVEN DAYS: Not immediately. Noah had to enter ark at time of no rain, when nothing pointed to coming cataclysm. (Had it never rained before? Heb 11:7.)

Gen 7:11

"The LORD sits enthroned over the flood; the LORD is enthroned as King forever" (Psa 29:10).

SPRINGS: "Fountains" (AV); "tehom" (Heb).

GREAT DEEP: Waters of ocean (Isa 51:10). Underground reservoirs, ie Psa 78:15; 33:7.

FLOODGATES (WINDOWS): Heb "araboth". The upper, covering firmament, or vapor cover: 1:8. No longer held in check by God (Job 38:8-11; Jer 5:22). Earthquakes, etc. -- volcanic eruptions.

Gen 7:13

ON THAT VERY DAY: A public witness against the world: Heb 11:7.

Gen 7:16

GOD: Elohim.

THE LORD: Yahweh. Concerning animals: "Elohim". Concerning man: "Yahweh"!

THE LORD SHUT HIM IN: "The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe" (Pro 18:10). A divine selection and protection. But of course others are left out (Mat 25:10).

Open doors: for restored communion (2Ch 29:3); deliverance from prison (Act 5:19); surrender (Rev 3:20); service (1Co 16:9); and opportunity (Rev 3:8). Shut doors: for safety (Gen 7:16); privacy and communion (Mat 6:6); faith and prayer (2Ki 4:5,21,33); self-sufficiency (Rev 3:20); and separation and rejection (Mat 25:10).

Gen 7:17

FORTY DAYS: The period of probation and/or judgment.

THE WATERS INCREASED: Or, "prevailed" (AV). God's judgments prevailed (cp Jon 2:5). A contrast between water and earth.

THEY LIFTED (BARE UP) THE ARK: Christ, our "ark of salvation", was lifted up: Joh 3:14; 8:28. The waters brought both death and life (2Co 2:15; 1Pe 3:20).

Gen 7:19

"Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck" (Psa 69:1).

ALL THE HIGH MOUNTAINS: Or "hills" (AV). Prob only hills at this time. Earth was prob a low tropical marsh (cp Gen 2:5,6).

A worldwide flood? See Lesson: Flood, worldwide.

Gen 7:20


Gen 7:22

THE BREATH OF LIFE: See Lesson Breath of life.

Gen 7:24

Universal Flood: See Lesson, Flood, worldwide.

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