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Genesis 44

Gen 44:1

Gen 44; 45: "The record of Joseph provides wonderful portrayals of the work of our Master. In Gen 44;45 he adopts further methods for the reconciliation of his bre: a type of the ultimate redemption of natural Israel, at the return of the Lord. Thus: [1] Joseph's policy of delaying his brethren: vv 1-13. [2] Judah pleads for Benjamin: vv 14-34. [3] Joseph reveals himself to his brethren: Gen 45:1-15. [2] An invitation to shelter in Egypt: vv 16-24.

"The drama of the situation is the way in which Joseph acts with superb understanding and careful examination. He sought to discover whether Benjamin would be delivered because of the envy of the brethren, as he himself had been -- or had they redeemed their consciences? Joseph's test determines the answer! The brethren failed to recognise their brother in the imperious ruler of Egypt (as do Jewry of the Lord Jesus), dressed in his resplendent robes of authority (as the Lord Jesus is in immortality). Ultimately Joseph manifested himself plainly to his family -- as the Lord Jesus will reveal the signs in his hands (Zec 13:6). When he declared: 'Come near to me' (Gen 45:4), he anticipates that of Christ (Mat 11:28; Eph 2:13) which will be offered to Israel in the future" (GEM).

Gen 44:4

WHY HAVE YOU REPAID GOOD WITH EVIL?: Cp 1Sa 25:21; Psa 35:12; 38:20; 109:5; Pro 17:3; Rom 12:9,21; 13:3,4; 1Th 5:15.

Gen 44:5

DIVINATION: Casting gems into the cup full of water, as a means of divination, was common in Egypt. But Joseph was not guilty of such superstition. The silver cup was only a valuable piece in his house. But, in a sense, Joseph did "make trial" (AV mg) by the cup (cp v 15n).

Gen 44:13

Note the changed attitude: Jacob now loves Benjamin in place of Joseph, but the other brothers are not longer resentful. (They could have returned, leaving Benjamin, but did not.) (OTH 169).

Gen 44:15

Christ can "make trial" by his cup: cp 1Co 11:28,29.

Gen 44:16

A recounting of fact merely: No subtlety, but humble and candid. Judah casts himself on the mercy of the "savior of the world".

WE ARE NOW MY LORD'S SLAVES: The principle of a thief becoming a slave to the one from whom he stole is repeated in Exo 22:3.

Gen 44:17

Cp Ruth with Naomi: "Go, return..."

Gen 44:20

A YOUNG SON: But Benjamin had 10 sons at this time: Gen 46:21.

Gen 44:28

Joseph learns for the first time how his brothers had deceived his father.

Gen 44:32

And now we see the true repentance of Judah -- he had been a spokesman before (Gen 37:26), but on that occasion he was self-seeking, not caring about the feelings of his father Jacob.

Gen 44:33

Judah says, "Take me instead!" Offering himself on behalf of his bro.
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