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Genesis 45

Gen 45:1

In his second interview, Joseph makes himself known to his brothers -- as will Christ: Jer 31:34; Heb 8:8-12; Mat 23:39. The making known of Joseph to his brethren is a pattern of the revelation of Christ to repentant Israel. Whilst they will be horrified at what they have done to him their repentance will assure that Jesus will lovingly embrace them -- and so "all Israel shall be saved" (Rom 11:26), consequent upon repentance.

Gen 45:3

See Zec 12:10: "We now begin to appreciate why Judah's sins are so chronicled in Gen 38, for now the brothers are to see Joseph revealed as he really is, for up until Gen 45:3 he is known only to them as 'Zaphnath Paaneah' -- 'Saviour of the WORLD.' Joseph concentrates on Judah in this narrative, and Judah shines forth as a completely changed man. His conversion represents the conversion of his brethren, and speaks to us of the conversion of Jewry to Christ at His coming, for when he returns, one of his first works will be to 'save the tents of Judah first': Zech 12:7. Though 'Saviour of the World,' Jesus is first Messiah to the Jews, and their saviour, and it is through His work with them, that the world will come to be saved" (CY).

Gen 45:4

A bro who returns from the "dead"!

Gen 45:5

"This was the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in your eyes": Psa 118:22; Mar 12:11.


Gen 45:7

"To raise up/restore Israel": Isa 49:6,13. "A Savior shall deliver them": Isa 19:20. "And so all Israel shall be saved": Rom 11:25,26; Isa 59:20,21.

Gen 45:8

FATHER TO PHARAOH: Here "father" = "counsellor" or "leader" (Gen 4:20,21; 2Ki 5:13; 2Ch 4:16; Isa 22:21).

Gen 45:24

DON'T QUARREL ON THE WAY: Don't start arguing about assessing blame upon one another.

Gen 45:26

Their message: Joseph is still alive, exalted, and willing to receive us! Our message: Jesus is alive, exalted, and willing to receive us!

A pity: Joseph's brothers could have said these same words years earlier, and saved themselves a great deal of trouble!

Gen 45:27

In v 27, "Jacob", but in v 28, "Israel"! The realization of his hope, long deferred, turned the "supplanter" into the "prince with God"!

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