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Genesis 6

Gen 6:1

Gen 6: "The glory of redemption notwithstanding the wickedness of society is revealed. The ch repeats the story of the transgression of Eden. It is brought about by the adulterous union of the races which leads to the greatest calamity history has known. But the flood is not only an act of judgment, but also of mercy. Left to himself, man would have brought destruction anyhow (v 13), and would have involved the righteous in the calamity. Divine intervention prevented this. Notice the three inspections by the divine eyes: vv 3, 5,12, and cp with the three inspections of the leprous house (Lev 14:33-35). So the world that then was perished, and so will present day society. For that reason, we keep apart from all the contamination of a godless world in every respect, and set our hearts to follow the example of righteous Noah" (GEM).

Gen 6: The Flood. Reason?: Apostasy from the Truth. "Un-creation" and "Re-creation"! Pre-Flood cities: Halley 72. "The like figure whereunto baptism also now saves us" (1Pe 3:21).

Gen 6:2

Angels do not marry: Mat 22:30; Luk 20:35,36.

SONS OF GOD: The sons, or children, of God are those who take God's name upon themselves: see Gen 4:26; Deu 14:1; 1Jo 3:1,2,10; Jer 10:20; Ezek 16:21; Joh 11:52; Hos 1:10; Rom 9:6-8; Joh 1:12,13; Rom 8:14,19; Mat 5:9,45. Note: it was man whom God decided to destroy, not angels.

BEAUTIFUL: "Tob" = 'good', sw as "good for food" in Gen 3:6. The lust of the flesh.

THEY MARRIED ANY (THEY TOOK THEM WIVES OF ALL): Rather than marrying only in the Lord: Deu 7:3,4; 1Co 7:39. This association with the world led to respectability and worldly compromise. Cp Israel's later corruption by the Moabites (Num 25). Enoch condemns such marriages with aliens (Jud 1:14,15), and is rewarded by God for his faithful obedience (Gen 5:24; Heb 11:5,26). All the mingled seed of Seth and Cain was destroyed by the flood (Gen 7:21-23).

Gen 6:3

120 YEARS: Noah's sons were already married (v 18). At Flood, the oldest was already 100 (Gen 5:32; 7:6). This allows only 40-60 years for the building of the ark (Sh 84:11:24).

Gen 6:4

NEPHILIM: A race of giants (Num 13:33). "Giants" (AV). From root "to fall": (1) men of violence (vv 12,13: "to fall upon"), or (2) "fallen ones", ie apostates.

HEROES: "Mighty men" (AV). "Ha-gibborim". Mighty men of v 11; Gen 4:17. As Korah, etc (Num 16:2). After flood, a similar such man: Nimrod, renowned for natural strength, leadership, achievement (Gen 10:8-10).

MEN OF RENOWN: "Enosh ha-shem".

Gen 6:5

Notice: God doesn't blame the devil!

THE LORD SAW (GOD SAW): Ct with v 2: the sons of God "saw"!

Gen 6:6

GRIEVED: "Repented" in AV. May sig a change of purpose also (ie Exo 32:14; 1Sa 15:11n; Deu 18:7,8; Jon 3:10). "I have decreed to replace man with Noah's family."

FILLED WITH PAIN: "Grieved" in AV.

Gen 6:7

The only remedy for the world was a direct divine intervention.

A step-by-step inspection. Cp priest in a leprous house: Lev 14:33-45.

Gen 6:8

NOAH FOUND FAVOR (GRACE): As did Jesus: Mat 3:7; Luk 9:35.

Usually such an expression means: to have one's request granted (cp Gen 19:19; 32:5; 33:10,15; 34:11). So what was Noah's petition? (1) For the salvation of his family; (2) for further time to allow for the repentance of others?

Gen 6:9

RIGHTEOUS (JUST): Being justified in Christ (Rom 3:24)!

BLAMELESS (PERFECT): "Straightly upright, genuine, complete" (cp Luk 2:52).


Gen 6:10

SHEM: Mentioned first, though younger than Japheth (Gen 10:21). Cp 1Ch 5:1; Jer 18:7,8; Gen 49:4; Adam and Christ for same lesson.

Gen 6:12

HIS WAY: See Gen 3:24n.

Gen 6:13

VIOLENCE: sw "corrupt" in v 12. Extreme limit of human sin and depravity. Man's ruin and God's remedy. "I will destroy sons of God along with other men."

BOTH THEM AND THE EARTH: "Them with the earth" (AV).

Gen 6:14

Gen 6:14--Gen 9: See Lesson, Noah, things to learn from.

CYPRESS WOOD (GOPHER WOOD): Wood, flesh, cut down in sacrifice (cp crucifixion, tree) to provide a covering (kopher/protection) from the waters of death. Christ, the "root" (Isa 53:2) was "cut off" (Dan 9:26). Christ's sacrifice: "by which the world is crucified" (Gal 6:14).

ROOMS: "Kinnim". Heb "nests" (AV mg): cp Psa 84:3,4n.

COAT: "Pitch" (AV). Heb "kepher" or "kopher" = covering, or atonement. Gal 3:26-29.

Gen 6:15

The common Heb cubit = approx 18 inches. Thus, measures as follows:
* 300 cubits (AV) = 450 feet
* 50 cubits (AV) = 75 feet
* 30 cubits (AV) = 45 feet.
Approx size = 14,000 tons. Man constructed no larger ship than the ark until the "Eturia" was built in 1884.

Gen 6:16

ROOF: "Window" (AV). An opening for light (NIV mg), covered by some translucent substance. Ct Gen 8:6. Or left open underneath overhead roof, for ventilation -- a continuous opening around vessel of a cubit (approx 18 inches) width. Through this roof Noah and his family could look up (Col 3:2)! Cp Joh 8:12 (Christ = light).

DOOR: Repr Christ (Joh 10:7,9; 14:6); there is only one way into the ark of safety (1Pe 3:20,21; Act 4:11,12).

Gen 6:17

UNDER THE HEAVENS: A phrase suggesting the universality of Yahweh's judgement: Gen 6:17; Exo 17:14; Deu 7:24; 9:14; 25:19; 29:20; 2Ki 14:27. The two NT references (Acts 4:12; Col 1:23) expand the theme to show that the Father is indeed concerned with salvation for all mankind.

BREATH: "Ruach", ref both man and beast. "Ruach" is translated "wind" in Gen 8:1; Psa 1:4; 104:29,30.

Gen 6:18

COVENANT: "Berith", first used here. Appears 8 times in account of Noah: here; Gen 9:9,11,12,13,15,16,17. 8 persons saved. 8 sig new beginning, after 7th day end of week. "The like figure... baptism", to be saved by water to a new life, thru God's covenant, while all around us millions perish (1Pe 3:20,21). "Berith" from root "bara", to cut, carve, ie pieces of covenant-victim (Gen 15:9; Jer 34:18,19; Heb 9:15-17).

YOU WILL ENTER THE ARK (COME INTO THE ARK): Noah was saved by own ark; Christ was saved by own sacrifice.

Gen 6:19

BRING: Noah "brought", or received, into ark what God had gathered (v 20). (All earth then had a similar, temperate climate. Thus all species were perhaps distributed over all earth, and could easily be assembled in one place.)

TWO: In pairs: 7 pairs of clean; 1 pair of unclean (Gen 7:2).

Gen 6:20

The animals repr mortal nations, over whom Noah and sons (typ Christ and faithful saints) have dominion -- some holy, some unclean (cp Gen 1:26n).

Gen 6:21

Hibernation: to save food?

Gen 6:22

See Gen 7:5,9,16. "Noah, a preacher of righteousness" (2Pe 2:5). Cp Heb 11:7.

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